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Originally Posted by Kitchen Barbarian View Post
Low carb options to replace bread -

Aburaage - essentially the tofu version of Pita. I think it comes in cans sometimes.

Tofu skin aka Yuba - preferable fresh or frozen, the dried ones take special handling to get them to "unfurl" so most people just toss them in soups and stews. Use it like egg roll wrappers.

Soy flour pancakes - way lower carb than wheat flour. I would use them like wrappers or scoops and would make them savory, not sweet.

Mostly I'm concentrating on rice replacements, eg something fairly mild that will still soak up curry goodness while enhancing your enjoyment of the dish without loading you up with carbs. I'll be going on an aburaage-and-yuba hunt this weekend to see how well I can get these to work with the stuff I normally eat (Indian and Asian cuisine almost exclusively).

Shirataki noodles are a 0 carb option to replace pasta in stirfry. I don't care for them as a wheat-pasta replacement (such as in spaghetti) because to me they have the wrong texture. But it turns out there are "noodles" made of tofu that are very low carb that might do better for that purpose, or if not, at least give me more variety than just shirataki noodles almost every day.

I'll also be hunting for the aforementioned tofu "noodles", and fareekh (green wheat) which has about 40% fewer carbs than rice. I will soon be making my own tofu and will have lots of okara to experiment with as well.

Cucumber would make a lousy bread replacement IMNSHO. Also whole tomatoes and, in fact, just about everything in the linked article. Forget "sandwiches". Just eat.
Oh dear, it sounds awful.

As I've said elsewhere I eat a balanced diet (including ALL essential food groups which means "carbs" too). I've made it to almost 70 and have been described by my Doctor as "disgustingly healthy!" so I think I'll stick with the occasional sandwich with the demon bread. Not, of course, the horrible soggy white sliced travesty that the supermarket sells in plastic bags. I mostly make my own or in a crisis I buy it at the deli where they make their own. The latter makes delicious sandwiches.

Incidentally, if you think your bread upsets you and you HAVEN'T been diagnosed by a proper Doctor as coeliac, you should try chewing bread properly. Saliva contains an enzyme that begins the digestion of starch in the mouth and if you don't chew bread enough you'll get fiendish indigestion.

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