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Originally Posted by taxlady View Post
I usually just hit the cooking wine.

I once asked a friend, "How good should the cooking wine be?" "Good enough for the cook to enjoy it while cooking."

I always follow that advice.


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We have a group of friends with whom we do a rotating potluck. About once a month someone invites everyone over for lunch or dinner. There are usually about 8-10adults and 8-11 children. We have an apartment, so things get pretty cozy. Here's the thing. I hate using paper plates, for 4 reasons.

1 I think it's wasteful
2 I'm already paying for the main dish, I own dishes that I can use for free, I don't need to pay for throw-away ones
3 When we're all finding places to squeeze in in my light-carpeted apartment, the last thing I need is to have a paper plate full of food buckle
4 I personally hate eating from paper plates, and feel like it says I care when I serve on real dishes

I told my husband a few months back that I wasn't going to host anymore because I was annoyed that nobody would offer to help clean up or help do the dishes. He then informed me that the first couple times we'd had people over, several had offered to help when I got up and went in the other room to start cleaning, and he'd told them no, so finally they'd stopped asking. Can you guess how I reacted? His reasoning: "well, we don't have a dishwasher and I'm not gonna make them wash dishes by hand." What did he think I had to do!? I have no problem doing the cleanup if I invite a couple people over for dinner when I'm cooking everything, but when we're having a casual get-together with 20 people, I'd like a little help! I told him that since he broke it, he has to fix it. He's now responsible for either informing our friends politely that he was wrong, I would like help cleaning up after, or he has to do all the cleanup, whether or not he has homework due/work/class the next day. Otherwise, it's just not worth it to me. He goes to school full time and works full time & I work 30 hours and have a toddler to chase after and another on the way. We already rarely have time for friends, so we plan get-togethers carefully when he has nothing major due, but even so, I just don't have time to spend a full day cleaning after spending half a day entertaining.

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Sounds reasonable to me, Sprout!
“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” - Albert Einstein
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Hi Claire! ..bit OT here, but - ...just "picked-up" on the "new pup" ....can't help but wonder if its Butercup, or, did you decide on another new pup?
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I had to laugh at some of these responses! I also do not have a dishwasher. Or I should say I do; my husband! For big ones like this we take turns. But when we married, we had a couple of agreements in place. One was the person who cooks doesn't have to wash up. So after everyone left, I got to collapse. In reality there are a few pieces I'll wash (I really don't expect my husband to wash all the dishes for a group, but he did most of them).

Having my friends "help" clean up was a double edged sword. I swear, they're all used to dishwasher and/or have maids or something. I'd find myself washing dishes after they'd washed them. My husband found one friend washing dishes in cold water without soap. Huh? The fact is, many of my friends seem to have forgotten how to wash dishes!

Anyway, the cabbage roll party was a success, and I have no regrets. This was to be a sort of "coming out" party for my dog, and she passed with flying colors, even though she was sick yesterday morning (our own damned fault; we let her have too much human food). She behaved perfectly, just lying under the table while we ate.
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Yay! Rosebud! Good girl!

Hooray, Claire! I'm so happy! Now, no letting the puppy lick the dishes clean.
“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” - Albert Einstein
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The only thing I let friends do in terms of helping clean up after a meal is scrape food off the dishes and stack them.

One year my helpful friends piled all the dishes in the sink (without being asked to). We have a portable dishwasher that attaches to the sink, so after a party, we usually put a bunch of the dishes in the sink to get rinsed by the dirty dishwater from the first load.

When we moved the rinsed dishes from the sink to the dishwasher, I discovered my brand new digital thermometer at the bottom of the sink. Of course it was ruined. I got to use it once, for that party. I nearly cried. I had wanted a thermometer like that for years and couldn't afford it. I had gotten this one for points. I didn't have enough points left to buy a replacement.

That's why I limit what help is acceptable. Who would put a digital thermometer in a sink? Why did they think it was helpful to fill up my sink, when I don't have a double sink? Just about completely blocks its use.
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Congrat's Claire! (on both the dinner and the puppy success)

Way to go Rosebud!!! *belly-scritches*
Quoth the chicken, "Fry some more."
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So glad it went well! I am not a cabbage roll fan, but about every 2 years, I get a hankering for them. Instead of blanching the leaves, you can stick the head of cabbage in the freezer, then thaw it for limp leaves. Easier on the fingers, LOL.
Nora C
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nora, that's a great tip! thanks.

i love reverse logic. usually, freezer limp is a bad thing.

i wonder if it helps retain any digestible nutrients as well?

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