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I know a little about a lot of things (which can get me into trouble sometimes). Most of which I learned here at DC

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You can get MSG from Penzey's

It's also available as Accent in the supermarket.

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I only have one recipe that uses MSG (Accent) and it's a dry rub for baby-back ribs. Very good!
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Why that restaurant will suffer without MSG:
Umami - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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Originally Posted by StirBlue
Why is that small bottle on the spice rack so expensive?
The McCormick cartel. They want you to believe herbs and spices are rare, exotic and expensive. Aside from saffron, which is a unique case, herbs and spices are today cheap and plentiful.

The DeBeers of the supermarket, only they aren't actually able to control availability. So it's all just based on the hope that you won't ever find a co-op that sells bulk herbs and spices by the pound for what a little jar that's been sitting on the shelf for a year or more at the chain supermarket costs.

And the bulk stuff is ALWAYS fresher.
"It's not a bald spot, it's a solar panel for my electric personality."
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Originally Posted by GB
Depending on who the guests are I will either use it and not mention it or I will not use it at all. The reason I have no problem not mentioning it is that I do not give a list of every other ingredient in my dishes either. I certainly will not lie about it though. If they ask or mention it I will be completely honest.

Im my experiences, Most people who think they are sensative to it relly are not and just have that in their heads. I have had numerous people eat my food that had MSG and tell me that they are allergic to it (at a different time), but when I ask if they were affected when they ate my meal they say no. As a matter of fact, when that sitution has come up before not a single person has ever said yes.
And I think the over use of it at a lot of Chinese restaurants has given it a bad name. A restaurant that was infamous for using it I finally broke down and went to one time. MSG, that I know of, had never bothered me before. Before I could get back to work my lips had swelled. I think it was so heavily used that it DID affect me and the person I went to lunch with. My lips were swelled but dang, his lips got huge, around his eyes swelled, and he got all blotchy. The key, IMHO, is not to over use it.

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It was already stated, but could be easily missed. Accent brand flavor enhancer is pure MSG. And yes, I have no problems with using it. But I tend to purchase my spices from a restaurant supply store at a much better price.

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Ever heard of the japanese word, "umami"? It means 'meaty' or 'savory'. This is considered one of the 5 tastes. It responds to glutamates, and is responsible for the sensation of savoriness in foods. Which is why foods treated with MSG or "ajinomoto" have a tendency to taste more 'rounded' or fuller. MSG can cause migraines in certain people, just like the nub of peanuts can give certain people migraines. It happens to a small percentage of people but should not deter anyone from using any ingredient. As with everything, due diligence is key.

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