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I have seen many variations of store brands being worse and occasionally better. I remember hearing, in Home Ec. (many moons ago) that the big chain stores got their goods from the same place. There sure is a discernible difference at times.

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Brand name companies may do the canning or freezing for store brands but there is no reason to believe they use the same quality of produce in doing so.

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Raisin Bran Flakes is a good example of brand name quality and store brand volume.
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Yeah, there is the occasional store brand that is quite good on a regular basis.

I try to check with friends if I want to try a particular store brand. Sam's Club brand items (applesauce, raisin cereal) is better, IMHO.
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Over here in Australia, the big supermarkets are just starting to ramp up their "Own Brand" strategy to include everything. They used to have cheap, generic products, and are now branding everything with either "Woolworths Selects" or "You'll Love Coles".

I shop at Coles because I used to work there, and the "You'll Love Coles" are at times better then store brand, and certainly when you look at price.

I buy Barilla pasta because my boyfriend prefers it (And I've noticed that when it's Al Dente, it actually feels Al Dente... It's still strong, whereas some of the others are coming apart or are too tough still), but it's the same price as most of the others. Imported Italian canned tomatoes are also almost as cheap as home brand, and have less bitterness... I suspect the seeds are removed before crushing with the La Gina tomatoes.

I also splash out for Olive Oil (I like something with a fragrance and flavour), Soy Sauce (the cheaper varieties are too high on salty and low on flavour) and Balsamic Vinegar, but everything else I'll take as cheap as I can... Being a student hurts the pocketbook, but I'm trying to keep it from hurting the palate.
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Well, I think it's safe to assume that Peter Pan makes Great Value peanut butter.

Wonder what else ConAgra made in that facility?
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Some things I actually prefer the store brand and some items i prefer the "name" brand (i.e. Heinz ketchup).
I think that people are misguided if they think money always buys quality - sometimes it just buys more advertising.
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Hello Fraidknot

I always buy store brands.
I think how well they taste, depends on my cooking, rather than the brand name, of the ingredients.

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I go almost exclusively to one supermarket (Giant Food), and I have found the majority of their store brand items to be very good indeed.

In many cases, they're the best option for that particular item.

Regardless, I like to try everything. When I see a new brand (including store brands) that I haven't tried, I try it. Sometimes it's better and sometimes it's worse, but nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Giant seems somewhat unique in that they put a *lot* of effort into the packaging and advertising of their own store brands, and they generally have the quality to back it up.

Another store brand that has *never* failed to impress me is Whole Foods' "365" line of products. Everything from the chocolate soy milk to the Goat Cheese Pizza to the sliced almonds is fantastic, usually better than most of the other brands they sell (except the real knockouts, like "Amy's")
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Pasta: Barilla preferred, but off brands are OK if it's a great sale.

Ketchup: Must be Heinz or Hunts.

Peanut Butter: Jif preferred, Peter Pan OK, off brands absolutely NOT.

I prefer name brands of snacks, i.e. potato chips, corn chips. The store brands seem too salty. Prefer Helluva Good dips to store brands.

Ice cream: Pierre's, Friendly's, certain flavors of Breyers. Tried Turkey Hill a couple times. It was delicious! I would never buy generic or the chain's lowest budget brand. I can't stand cheap flavorless ice cream.

Boxed macaroni & cheese: Must be Kraft. The others have no flavor.

Orange Juice: Florida's Natural or Tropicana preferred.

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