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Old 08-07-2006, 05:35 PM   #11
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That is the good thing about the way i make it, it doesnt foam up and boil over
your pot is hoooot when you are parching your rice, add the same amount of water as rice it will fizz and spit for a second, stirr, cover and turn heat to low in 20 minutes or so you will have a pot of fluffy very loose rice fit for a king and of course you can use stock instead of water or what ever else you want to add

double water to a measure of rice turns out a graing that tends to be too soft and the integrity of the rice is compromised to an extent (for my liking that is)

of course, to each its own we all like things in a diferent way and so there is no wrong way

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Talking thanks!

Thank you for all of your replies, I appreciate the response.
I went to school recently with a girl from Korea, then when I graduated, I started working for a couple from Vietnam. Both times I was told about how rice is kept in the household in a cooker "that you have to get from Japan or China, a really good one". My fellow student promised to get the brand, but alas, never did.
I suppose I am not too lazy to cook rice every day, I was just intrigued by the possibility of having it last several days. The Korean girl was talking out how she loved to go home for dinner, her mom would have all these dishes on the table. I said, "She must spend HOURS in the kitchen then!". She said no, the food is cooked all on one day, then stored in the fridge, the rice in the cooker. At each dinner, they get rice out of the rice cooker, then their mom sets on the table the dishes she chose for that night. So basically, mom was cooking once a week...sounds lovely.

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it was fun! lol
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Another FYI, bad (spoiled cooked) rice can and will give you a foodborne illness.

It's just as easy to make batches often, refrigerate what you don't use for another use.

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Old 08-21-2006, 12:00 AM   #15
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I like to make a little extra rice for dinner in my rice cooker and then the next morning I add a bunch of water to the rice that's left in the cooker and cook away. The rice gets real mushy and water logged. At that point you have porridge or congee. From there you can add all sorts of goodies to make breakfast, leftover meat from dinner, pickled vegetables, eggs, and on and on just be creative.

This is especially good stuff if you are sick, at least that's what my Chinese friends tell me.
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Old 08-21-2006, 06:48 AM   #16
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I'm afraid I saw congee made with fish heads and it put me off of the concept!
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Old 08-22-2006, 05:37 PM   #17
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Cooked rice is potentially hazardous and should be handled carefully. Once it's cooked, it has to be maintained at 140 degrees. If it should cool below that temperature, you have 2 hours to consume it or reheat it above 165 (quickly) and then hold it at 140 again.
Normally, professionally, I would never suggest saving cooked rice. First, it's so cheap to begin with, a little waste is not that bad. Second, unless you chill it quickly you run risks of food borne illness. If you want to save cooked rice spread it thinly onto a baking sheet and refrigerate it immediately. Stir it every 20 minutes or so until it is cooled, completely. Then, wrap it and use within 24 hours.
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Old 09-13-2006, 11:39 PM   #18
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okay, since we'er on the subject of rice, I gotta throw in my two cents. I grew up in Hawaii where rice is a must with every meal, even breakfast...yes breakfast. Here's what you can do with leftover rice that has been refrigerated over night. A dish that I call the breakfast of champions. It called "loco moco":

Put the cold rice in a microwavable bowl and set it for "defrost" for 8 to 10 minutes. This should warm up the rice a little bit. While the rice is defrosting, fry a hamburger patty (two if you are really hungry) and set it on top of the rice when it is done defrosting. Next, add an "over easy" egg on top of the hamburger patty. Then to top it all off....add gravy! Now that's what I call a big breakfast!

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If I'm in the mood for rice come breakfast time I always add a little bit of sugar and milk to it... makes a great cold cereal.
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here in japan, rice is definitely not held in a rice cooker for a week, or even for 2 or 3 days. most people make at least a batch per day, sometimes two. even then, it's not usually held at temperature for more than an hour or two. if there are left-overs, they go into tupperware in the fridge and are reheated in the microwave and are finished the first thing next day. i'll admit that on the rare occasion, it may mistakenly be left in the rice cooker overnight, not at temp, but it's eaten up pronto.

beyond the obvious health hazards, there's little reason not to have a fresh batch. the containers used to store the rice, measure it out automatically with one push of a button. then it's washed until the water is clear, the appropriate amount of water added and then cooked with 1 push of a button or set to start cooking so it will be just finished at whatever time you want to eat. total prep time is maybe 2 minutes or so.

and beyond that, rice is consumed 2 or 3 times daily. multiply that by a family of 4 for a week and you come up with around 60 bowls, but of course teenagers and husbands usually eat at least 2 bowls, so you're looking at maybe 100 bowls of rice cooked at 1 time and held for a week????? you'd have to have a couple of institutional sized rice cookers to even attempt making that much.

let me make sure that wine's ok before i use it.
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