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Old 12-04-2008, 11:42 AM   #1
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A Modern "Who's on First??"

If Bud Abbott and Lou Costello were alive today, their famous sketch, "Who's on First?" may have sounded something like this:

Costello calls a computer store to ask about a computer. Abbot answers the phone.

Abbott: Super Duper Computer Store. Can I help you?

Costello: Yes. I'm setting up an office at home and I'm thinking about buying a computer.

Abbott: Mac?

Costello: No, my name's Lou.

Abbott: Your computer?

Costello: I don't own a computer. I want to buy one.

Abbott: Mac?

Costello: I told you, my name's Lou.

Abbott: OK then, what about Windows?

Costello: Why? Will it get stuffy in there?

Abbott: No. But do you want a computer with Windows?

Costello: I don't know. What will I see when I look at the windows?

Abbott: Wallpaper at first.

Costello: Never mind the windows! I need a computer and some software.

Abbott: Software for Windows?

Costello: No! On the computer! I need something I can use to run my business, write proposals and track expenses. What do you have?

Abbott: Office.

Costello: Yeah, for my office. I told you that. Can you recommend anything?

Abbott: I just did.

Costello: You just did what?

Abbott: Recommended something.

Costello: You recommended something?

Abbott: Yes.

Costello: For my office?

Abbott: Yes.

Costello: OK. What did you recommend for my office?

Abbott: Office.

Costello: Yes, for my office!

Abbott: I recommend Office with Windows.

Costello: My office already has windows! OK, let's just say I'm sitting at my computer and I want to write a proposal. What would I need?

Abbott: Word.

Costello: What word?

Abbott: Word in Office.

Costello: The only word in office is office.

Abbott: You need the Word in Office for Windows.

Costello: Which word in office for windows?

Abbott: The Word you get when you click the blue "W."

Costello: I'm going to click your blue "W" if you don't give me some straight answers. What about bookkeeping? Do you have anything I can use to track my money?

Abbott: Sure, Money.

Costello: That's right. What do you have?

Abbott: Money.

Costello: I need money to track my money?

Abbott: Yes, and It comes bundled with your computer.

Costello: What comes bundled with my computer?

Abbott: Money.

Costello: Money comes with my computer?

Abbott: Yes. No extra charge.

Costello: I get a bundle of money with my computer? How much do I get?

Abbott: One copy.

Costello: Isn't it illegal to copy money?

Abbott: We got a license from Microsoft to copy Money.

Costello: They can give you a license to copy money?

Abbott: Why not? They own it!

(A few days later)

Abbott: Super Duper Computer Store. Can I help you?

Costello: How do I turn my computer off?

Abbott: Click "START"


"I hate liars !

I hate liars almost as much as I hate skim milk ! Skim milk is water, lying about being milk !"
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Old 12-04-2008, 11:47 AM   #2
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ROFLMAO! Thanks for the laugh. I have about 200 friends that I'm going to refer to this post.

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Old 12-04-2008, 11:55 AM   #3
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That is hilarious!
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Old 12-04-2008, 01:10 PM   #4
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VERY clever! Did you write that?
"Many people have eaten my cooking & gone on to lead Normal lives."

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Old 12-04-2008, 10:47 PM   #5
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Good one! Really enjoyed it. Thanks.
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Old 12-04-2008, 10:56 PM   #6
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I haven't seen that one in a while. I love it!

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Old 12-04-2008, 10:58 PM   #7
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lmao that's great !
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Old 12-05-2008, 12:31 AM   #8
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I agree... that is great!!! LMBO!!
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Old 12-13-2008, 10:28 PM   #9
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I haven't seen this version in awhile I forgot about it. Thanks for the laugh!
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Old 12-13-2008, 11:59 PM   #10
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That is hilairious. Copied and posted to all my friends

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