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Old 02-14-2008, 05:05 PM   #21
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We use canvas and cloth bags that we bring with us. If we don't have enough or forget, then we ask for plastic since we bring them back to the grocery store's recycling bin.

When we do get paper (mostly for liquor bottles), those get recycled with the newspaper.

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i use the small ones in waste baskets, one in each room. sometimes i run out and that makes me crazy. also rigged a device , that holds an open plastic and i can hang open bags for kitchen garbarge. inside a cupboard door.

my newspaper puts paper into a recycle bag so it goes in trash with paper.

i don't drink enough to make it worth the trouble of saving soda cans or bottles.


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We don't really have a choice here of "paper or plastic," as it's almost completely plastic here. So, I use the plastic ones in some of the smaller wastebaskets in the house. The rest go into a separate one to be taken back to the recycle bin at the market, along with all the other plastic bags (bulk produce, bread wrappers, celery/carrot bags, etc.). For nearly 30 years I've been using canvas and rip-stop nylon bags when I shop. As Vera does, they go right back into the car as soon as everything's brought into the house.

Since we recycle so much, I only empty the kitchen trash can (13 gallon) about once every three weeks. So, we only use a few plastic trash bags per year this way. It's been amazing how little goes out since we've been seriously recycling.

All our newspapers, paper bags, cardboard boxes (cereal, cracker, etc.) are torn up and used as "kindling" in our wood stove during the cold weather months.

Everything from the paper shredder goes to dry matter in the compost bin.

Oops, we were only talking about plastic or paper bags. My bad. I'll go now.
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Originally Posted by VeraBlue View Post
As far as the dogs and the use of those bags go....I don't know if you can actually call that recycling, unless you pour the contents down the toilet and wash out the bag.
Sure you can. Just look up recycling in Websters. You will see one of the definitions is "to adapt to a new use".

There are problems with paper just as there are problems with plastic. All that paper has to come from somewhere. Deforestation is a major problem just as plastic in landfills is a problem.

I see more and more stores selling canvas bag, although I can not remember the last time I saw someone using them. I know people do and I think it is great. I do not see myself doing it though unless forced to. I do what I can to be green, but no one can ever be completely green. I know that using the paper or plastic option is not the best thing to do, but for now I still will.

When we shop at BJ's though, they do not offer bags of any type. Of course most of the things we are buying there would not fit in bags anyway.
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Both... use the plastic for cat litter and the paper for garbage.
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Originally Posted by CharlieD View Post
Yeah, one bag will. But not thousands of tons of it.
Why wouldn't 'thousands of tons' do what one can do? It's the same product. If one will break down and decompose, so will 'thousands of tons'. We learned that in third grade science. If a tree falls in the woods, just leave it there. Eventually, it will become part of the soil. Paper will do the same thing, even 'thousands of tons'.
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Originally Posted by sattie View Post
What few plastic bags I end up with go back to the recycle bin at the store.
But, are they 'really' recycled?

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It's very worrying that all those plastic bags end up here... Continent-size toxic stew of plastic trash fouling swath of Pacific Ocean
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I usually combine my grocery shopping with my daily walks, so I either just use my bare hands to cart the few things I've bought home, or I use a back pack. When I was a Wal-mart manager, I discovered that the bags are the third highest expense in the store. I was amazed. Because of this expense, they are always looking for alternatives. Even they have begun to seek alternatives. And believe me, what they do, the rest of the world does soon after, Wal-mart knows how to save money.
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Plastic bags are only cheaper for the retailer if used properly! Walmart, and others are known for using 4 bags when one would have been sufficient. Trust me, a plastic bag will hold more than two or three items. Anyway, I prefer paper.

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