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Old 07-11-2006, 08:22 AM   #71
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I love Alton and he is my favorite person to watch on the Food Network, but i do not consider him a chef so that is why I did not mention him before.

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Nigella is still appearing on some food shows this side of the pond. But, she seems content to enjoy her second marriage, after the trauma of losing her first husband, John Diamond, to a particularly vicious cancer. He was a really brave man, who wrote a weekly column about his illness.

I 'think' her last series here was her Summer food one.

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Originally Posted by Home chef
Wow!!! Less than a handfull of replies for Alton Brown. That saddens me. I really like the way Alton scientifically approaches food. After all, one can easily equate cooking with chemistry. He's incredibly creative and has an electric personality.
Oh, I'm a huge Alton Brown fan! If I had to pick one show, that would be it. (I even went to Austin, TX just to see him in person one time and get my book signed. He's just as cool in person as on TV). But in terms of the recipes, I've actually had better luck with some of the others. Alton always has the best *techniques* and I'll steal those and apply them to whichever recipe I like best for the item.

For instance, for French toast. His recipe is kinda blah, but the technique makes a huge difference. So, I use Rachael Ray's recipe and Alton's techniques and get really awesome French toast every time!

I guess I didn't list him before, because like GB, I wasn't thinking of him as a "chef," per se. He's more like Mr. Wizard or something!

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Agreed. Mr. Wizzard meets (insert favorite chef here).
Cheers, Christopher A. Kinkade, Griffith, IN USA
"The difference between a cook and a chef is understanding what's going on." - Alton Brown
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The gold standards are Julia and Jacques. They can make stuff I hate to eat look delicious.

But Mikey Chiarello and Curtis Stone are so cute, and can actually cook. (Ming Tsai falls into this cute-but-capable category too.) I can watch them make toast. Tyler's kinda cute, but I'm sick of him rescuing besotted housewives from their pot roasts.

Emeril can cook. I don't care what some of you say about him, I like the guy. As I've said before, he's gotta be sick of his shtick, but it's a brand now, like General Mills, that he's wedded to. (I like Doc and the band too.)

Mario talks too fast but knows the traditions and history of what he's making and I respect that.

I probably cook more like Paula than anyone, and I love people from the South like her. But she's got the shtick going too.

I can totally live without Bobby in my consciousness.

I always enjoyed Zhoostahn Wilson and Jeff Smith, altho both guys depended rather heavily on white wine.

Ina's OK in my book. Her stuff usually looks easy and good, and she seems to enjoy what she's doing.

Tastes change, and so do I. Ask me again in about a year.
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Mudbug - yes you definitely brought up a few others. Ina might be able to cook( & I bought from her deli/restaurant in the Hamptons when she still owned it & I wasn't impressed), but again it's all about the schtick ("I'm cooking dinner for a few friends, yadayadayada") & we have to wade thru the "friends" pretending that they don't know they're being filmed. God do I HATE that. Just once I'd love to have a "friend" turn around & say to the camera - "This is awful" - LOL LOL LOL!!

And Emeril might be able to cook, but he's completely allowed his TV persona & the hoopla to kill him. I liked his original show where it was just him; but now him with the band & the huge audience - forget it. That's not a cooking show, it's a circus. The only thing missing are the elephants. The clowns are all there. And if I hear "BAM" one more time, I'm gonna scream. In case you haven't caught it, he's now doing toothpaste commercials using his "BAM" trademark. Sorry you Emeril lovers, but enough is friggin enough.
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Paula Deen hands down! She is awesome! I also love Rachael Ray, Alton Brown, and Sandra Lee.

LOL Breezy.. I TOTALLY agree with u about Emeril. I cannot stand his show!
Jen from Illinois
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Thumbs up

Originally Posted by Home chef
THis is how I get around that. I set my TIVO to only record those shows that are brand new episodes. This way I don't have to watch rerun after rerun unless I want to.

Yes, I imagine that I could do the same thing with On Demand.

I bought a cookbook written by Justin Wilson from a used book store.
I gaaontee it!

Emeril has ALWAYS had the live band on his show Emeril Live. He's the hottest thing on the Food Network right now, and he's showing no signs of letting up. BAM!!

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Old 07-14-2006, 12:53 AM   #79
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Anyone BUT Rachael Ray. Actually Paula Dean is great. Love her recipies AND personality.
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Originally Posted by -DEADLY SUSHI-
Anyone BUT Rachael Ray. Actually Paula Dean is great. Love her recipies AND personality.

Rachael is good, but she doesn't measure any of the ingredients that she uses at all. She just "eyeballs" it, as she always says.

"You know me, I never measure anything. I just "eyeball" it. Look at that, it is delish with tons and tons of flavor. Hows's that? I gotta take a quick break. In the meantime, I'll be chopping away at these veggies. Meet me right back here on 30-Minutes meals"

This show kind of reminds me of the other 30-minute show - Feeding You Family on $99.00 a Week. Remember that one? Michelle Urvater (I think that's her last name) hosted it. It was around '94 or so when the Food Network was fairly new.

It was called the TV Food Network back then in the mid 90's. Emeril Lagasse was just stating out about that time with a few pilot shows.

Hey, has anyone forgotten about Martha Stewart? She had her own show there also before that scandel that she became involved in. The show was called From Martha's Kitchen.

She does another show now, but I forgot what network broadcasts it. I imangine that when she was on the Food Network, she "just didn't fit"!


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