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Originally Posted by CraigC View Post
For me it was fire!
That's going waaaay back. How did you manage before fire?

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Originally Posted by roadfix View Post
That's going waaaay back. How did you manage before fire?
Caught the deer and ate it while it was still warm.

Donít look for the light at the end of the tunnel. Stomp along and switch the bl**dy thing on yourself.
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Good knives. I hated prep before that, now I can endure it (not really, I enjoy working on the cutting board as long as I'm not cooking for 50 )

Perhaps the most used items in my kitchen are the 2 restaurant quality half sheet pans that I use for everything from spill catchers under casseroles (before these pans it was either foil or run the cleaning cycle on the oven, often both) to cooking pans for free form breads to prep trays to cooking chicken parts. Once I even used them for baking a double batch of lemon bars, and that will be happening again next month, both times for local fund raiser benefit dinners.

Maybe my BIG stainless steel bowl. It's huge (15" across and almost 7" deep) and I can mix or stir just about anything in it without slopping over the sides. Along with that is my 14" nonstick frying pan... for the same reasons. I never have to worry about crowding stuff when I use that one.

Other things are definitely conveniences, but those first two changed how I actually do things more than most others. Most of my kitchen convenience stuff I just bought as I needed it, so although they opened new horizons, they didn't change the way I did the things I'd always done as much as those first two did.
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Originally Posted by roadfix View Post
That's going waaaay back. How did you manage before fire?
Tartar, ceviche, raw vegis, nuts, fruits and grubs!
If you're gonna make a Key Lime pie, you have to use real Key Limes!
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Originally Posted by cookingal View Post
I think it would be really interested to see what cooking tools have changed the way you work in the kitchen.

Please list them below and state how they have made kitchen work easier
What has changed my life in the kitchen is my SousChef.

Since I was lucky enough to marry him seven years ago, he does everything in the kitchen I don't like to do, and never complains about any of it. If I want to be left alone, he does that too. It makes cooking a joy instead of a chore. Doesn't get better than that.
Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but rather by the moments that take our breath away.

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I'd have to say the internet.

Pots and pans or whatever gadgets are all well and good but what expanded my cooking was the easily available knowledge of recipe's and techniques as well as opinions that can be found with a few simple keyboard strokes.

The keyboard strokes are the hardest part for me since I type by the Columbus method.
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A good chopping knife, recipes tried along the way that have enabled improvement and a skewer! When Delia Smith mentioned how valuable a skewer is I was cynical, but it is! I use it to test if veg are cooked, to poke into a chicken thigh and press (to see if juices run clear), and - of course - to test centre of cake to see if it is cooked through.
"All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt" (Charles M. Shulz)
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Columbus Method

I was curious as what that was, so of course I Googled it! This definition by someone is hilarious:
The Columbus Method

I'm one of those older computer users who never learned to type. I have tried several times with various typing programs but I have always failed. I must be over the hill.

It drives me crazy to see the younger computer users typing like only secretaries could in my day.

So what do I do? I use the Columbus Method of typing --- I discover a key and land on it!!
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I love my chef's knife. I really enjoy prep work. When my kids were growing up, I always looked forward to going into the kitchen around three in the afternoon. My friends would moan about having to cook AGAIN! I didn't have many conveniences in the kitchen. So when I say from scratch, I mean really from scratch. Like most young brides, I didn't have a stand mixer. In fact I didn't even have a hand mixer. Yet I still got a lot of satisfaction from beating the batter of a cake. I loved standing at my stove fussing with the food. Making sure nothing was sticking in the pan. Or the heat was too high. Over the years, little by little I was able to obtain the niceties of making my work easy. But if you took them all away today, I could still fix a meal from scratch. And I would still love what I can accomplish in the kitchen.
Illegitimi non carborundum!
I don't want my last words to be, "I wish I had spent more time doing housework"
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My Weber grill.

Grandchildren fill the space in your heart you never knew was empty.
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cook, cooking

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