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Originally Posted by Andy M. View Post
This is apparantly a Williams-Sonoma only product as the All-Clad site does not even list a LTD2 product line.
Yes, All-Clad has released this line exclusively to W-S at this time. I often wonder why the "exclusives" aren't listed on the mfrs' websites. I've seen Calphalon and Le Creuset do this as well...

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Most of the All Clad products cook alike...most have a solid aluminum core/ THe wee bit o copper on the copper chef or in the copper core is nice but has minimal effect.

THe Stainless line is magnetic so it works on induction and all other modes. It is dishwasher safe. THe MC2 is the pro line and the cheapest. You'll see it in use on Iron Chef America. Sure seems to work there.

It is American made in Pennsylvania, (Union made at that for those who care).

It is some of the best cookware out there.

What does one need? No one here can tell you that. How many in the family, how much cooking, what kinds of recipes etc. A well stocked kitchen has 8 9 and 11 inch skillets (sautee pans) and a 9 inch covered sautee pan (fry pan), a 1 2 and 3 qt sauce pan with covers for 2 of them, a 5 or 6 qt "dutch oven" caserole and an 8 qt stock pot/soup pot. But, does a single person who never entertains going to need that much? Won;t a family of 10 need bigger pots than 2 and 3 qt? etc

so, when asking and figuring all this out, keep the practical in mind. (unless you are a pot and pan junkie like me and NEED more just in case I get the urge to cook a pot roast for 12 some night!)

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I have a larger set of this and it's great..well made and heavy..I see no difference than AllClad (and I have compared them)..its certainly good enough for home use..should last forever. They also sell some open stock pieces..couple of diff sizes of saute pans. Walmart has the best price on it I seen.

Tramontina 8-Piece 18/10 Stainless Steel TriPly-Clad Cookware Set - Wal-Mart
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I think All-Clad might be making SS cookware for several different cookware co's.
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I'd complete my set and get my big roasting pan w/ the removable rack. I'd get one big enough for a giant turkey. Then I'd spend the rest on the giant turkey and get cookin!
Not that there's anything wrong with that.....
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Def. a Cuisinart Grill and Panini Press. I might have to add a few extra bucks to the pot though.
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Originally Posted by SizzlininIN View Post
Def. a Cuisinart Grill and Panini Press. I might have to add a few extra bucks to the pot though.

Costco has them for $79
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All the All-Clads are the same basically--except for the Emeril ones. Those are like "quasi-AllClad" and are nowhere near as good.

As to what I'd buy with 100 bucks? I could use another sauicer--I've got one but I'd like a larger one. Problem is I can't find one where I live.

And the Cuisinart Panini press thing is amazing. I like the interchangeable surfaces and routinely use it for griddling pancakes and other such niceties instead of just as a grill. My only complaint with it is the stainless steel top--it's not heatproofed at all and I've burned myself on the thing more than once. And since the top of the press comes down at an angle, it has a tendency to "push" the top half of a panini forward/off center from the bottom half. End result being you end up having to either poke it back in place or else you have to adjust the top lid's angle so it doesn't push. Problem is since the lid is 300 degrees....I keep an 'ove glove near my press to put on to adjust the lid.
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Originally Posted by Caine View Post
Le Gourmet Chef Tri-Ply Stainless Steel

The 8 piece set contains everything you need to start off with for $175.00 plus shipping. Just as good as All-Clad, but 1/3 the price, mainly becuase Le Gourmet Chef doesn't give any of them away to "Celebrity Chefs" free-fer-nuthin'!

While you're there, check out their other set, and their individual pieces, too. I have everything on that page, and then some, I have had them for years, and never had a problem with any of them. Well, I did have a rivet come loose on the handle of one of the fry pans (I have one 12-inch without teflon, one 10-inch with teflon and one without, and 1 8-inch with teflon and one without) and they replaced it immediately, for free, without an argument.

BTW, click the STORE LOCATOR button and see if there is one near you. They have a much better selection in the store than on line, and they have been known to have close-out sales on redesigned pieces (the last redesign changed the handle style a bit).
Where is the product made? I'd much rather spend the additional money and get something made in the US than save a few bucks buying something Chinese.
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Originally Posted by camp_cookie View Post
Where is the product made? I'd much rather spend the additional money and get something made in the US than save a few bucks buying something Chinese.
They're made in China, just like Kwai Chang Caine!

I don't know what your problem is with Chinese goods. I am old enough to remember when "MADE IN JAPAN" translated to "THIS IS CHEAP JUNK", but now you probably drive a Japanese car (I don't), listen to a Japanese radio (I don't), watch a Japanese television (I don't), read this forum on a Japanese computer (I don't), and extol the virtues of everything you own that's Japanese (I don't own anything Japanese). Meanwhile, the Japanese companies are underpricing everything they export to the United States, with their Goverment's support, until they run their American competition out of business. And if you don't believe they're doing that, ask them to explain why the same Nikon camera costs more in downtown Tokyo than it does in downtown Los Angeles. Funny, you can't get that kind of deal on a Zeis or Leitca camera.

But, it's your money, so go ahead and buy one All-Clad pan instead of a whole set of pots and pans of the same quality, and know that you just bought a pan for Emeril, Tyler, Bobby, and Ina too.

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