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Buck 10-11-2007 05:07 PM

Misleading Food Names
Found this while grazing. Thought it was interesting.

List of misleading food names - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

jpmcgrew 10-11-2007 07:08 PM

:smile::smile:I bet we can come up with more especially the more local stuff at the moment I can think of this one. City chicken no chicken at all but made with pork

Michael in FtW 10-11-2007 07:18 PM

Turkey "bacon" maybe?

Vegetarian "hamburger".

jpmcgrew 10-11-2007 07:23 PM

:smile:SOS, s--t on a shingle is really creamed dried beef gravy on toast

DramaQueen 10-11-2007 07:23 PM

Interesting article. The Michigan Coney Island hot dog is a real treat and people stand in line for one. It's a thick skinned hot dog topped with a chile that is made from organ meat. It is absolutely delicious and I really miss them.

The Michigan Boston Cooler is another terrific ice cream concoction but I still make those here in Vegas. Vanilla ice cream mixed with Vernors' Ginger ale - a totally different kind of ginger ale. Good stuff.

jpmcgrew 10-11-2007 07:29 PM

:smile:Turtles made with chocolate and nuts no turtle in those.

jpmcgrew 10-11-2007 07:37 PM

:smile:Got another no explanation needed.Pigs in a blanket.

Michael in FtW 10-11-2007 07:38 PM

Oh - how could I have forgotten that quintessential beverage from Brooklyn - the "Egg Cream"!

Green Lady 10-11-2007 11:58 PM

How about chicken fried steak? Is it a chicken or is it a steak? Or buffalo wings?

buckytom 10-12-2007 12:11 AM

darn, you beat me to it michael. egg creams rock!

how about girl scout cookies? not an iota of a real girl scout in any of them...

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