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DietitianInTraining 10-11-2008 07:58 PM

I've made a huge decision...
As most of you probably know, I am 21 years old, and went to cosmetology school when I was 19 to be a hairdresser. I did it for about a year when I decided to try something different. (I still love doing hair, and probably have 1-2 appointments a week) But in a small po-dunk town, it can take quite a few years to build up any kind of a clientel. So I decided to go to a nursing home. This nursing home offered FREE CNA classes, while you worked there. I got my CNA lisence, and realized that this was where God wants me to be. Being a Nurses Assistant isn't the most glamorous job (understatement!) But it is so wonderful to me...
Anyways. My husband and I have kicked around this idea for a while, but have pretty much come to a decision over the past couple of weeks.

I'm gunna try to go to nursing school, to be a Registered Nurse...:wacko:

I have no college background, so I will be starting from scratch. There's a college in a city about 30 miles from where we live, that I will probably start at next August. They only have an LPN program, So I will probably just go there for my 2 years to get my basics, then transfer to another college. We havn't looked too deep into any of this, but i've decided that I want to try this.

I'm scared i'm going to fail though. Nursing school is VERY expensive, and it's what i'm going to be doing for the REST of my life. I was not a straight A student in High School.. I think my GPA my senior year was 2.8. I pretty much had a "C" in every class. BUT.... I was a cheerleader all 4 years, I attended every football game, I had tons of friends, a few steady boyfriends.... needless to say my priorities were elsewhere.. Now that i'm older, and married, and actually have a 'goal'... I think I will do better. My husband told me that if I want to, I can quit my job at the nursing home, and just have school be my "full time job". I havn't decided yet if i'm going to do this. I'll probably wait and see how I do still working part time.

The reason we're waiting until August for me to start, is because (if everything goes as planned...) We should have all of our debt paid off (except for the house) by the time I start school. I'd feel alot better about taking out that student loan, if we were debt free..

Anyways, i'll keep you guys posted on how things are going once I start school.

Wish me luck...:ermm:

pacanis 10-11-2008 08:09 PM

The girl that used to work for me was a cheerleader (football and wrestling), had two part time jobs, lots of boyfriends, a crappy family life, took college courses throughout high school and was on the honor roll..... It's all about applying yourself. It sounds like you are ready to do that.

Good luck with your new endeavor :smile:
You should always like what you are doing, and nursing sounds like a fit.

lindatooo 10-11-2008 08:22 PM

Way to go! I'm cheering for you! By the way here in Portland Oregon St. Vincent's Hospital gives scholarships to nursing students who agree to work in our hospital for a certain number of years after they graduate. We're a magnet hospital and a wonderful place to be (I volunteer there so as you can imagine I am not prejudiced in any way...lol). Check it out on the web - Providence Hospitals.

Best of luck in your studies!

goodgiver 10-11-2008 08:38 PM

Big Decision
When I was about 20 I decided to become an nursing assistant. Well I paid attention to what was going on around me and I thirsted for all the knowledge I could get. So being married with a husband and 2 young boys we dicided that I should go to nursing school. It certainly was a struggle but I made it, and you can to. After all I was 30 years old. Don't even THINK you could fail because the only way you could fail is if you do not try at all.

larry_stewart 10-11-2008 09:03 PM

My mom was a house wife until the age of 40. Then when we were all grown up, she went to college to become an RN. Was an intensive care nurse for 20 + years and just recently retired. If it feels right, do it. The good thing about nursing, is that there are plenty of good jobs out there.

I wish you all the luck.

Constance 10-11-2008 09:07 PM

You don't need any college background to be a nurse. I have several friends who are nurses, and one didn't go to nursing school until she was in her 30's. She was able to find a good job as an LPN, and is staying where she's at for the present, because now she's putting her daughter through nursing school.

Another one was a nurse in some little Inuit village in the boonies of Alaska, until she married, and yet another who used to do a stint at Bethesda Naval Hospital every year, and was a volunteer nurse at the Atlanta Olympics.

It's a wonderful profession, and nurses are always needed, so I think you've made a wise choice.
It does take a special kind of person to be a nurse, but since you've worked in a nursing home, I'm sure you can handle it.

It may seem hard at times, but stick with it! I wish you the best of luck!

deelady 10-11-2008 09:30 PM

Thats wonderful that you are going for a dream! The world will always need nurses and you will always be someone special to someone because they know you are there to help them!
When I was in the hospital having my daughter, I was so touched by the kindness and tenderness of the nurses that took care of me (I had an emergency c-section), I will never forget how they made a scary situation for me, feel warm and secure (esp. since I had no family there other than my fiance). I will always be gratefull to those nurses!:smile:
Good luck, and hope it works out for you!

babetoo 10-11-2008 09:50 PM

what a grand plan you have. go for your dream, you will do just great. you are young and now is the time:smile:

Claire 10-11-2008 10:46 PM

I come from a big military family, and there were always two things a woman could do to follow her man; teaching and nursing. You cannot go wrong with nursing. If you work your butt off and get your ... I honestly don't know the right words here, but get your basic nursing degree, then in the future you can add to that. Nurse-practitioner. Nurse-Midwife. This is the way to go, and the way of the future. Go for it. My thoughts are with you, and please, keep us all up to date. If you can't count on some, some days, you can always come here and we'll tell you BRAVA!!!

Uncle Bob 10-11-2008 10:54 PM

Bravo!!! Follow your dreams, and the road that you feel you are being led down!!!!

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