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    Petty Vents

    Found ulcers on the bottpms of my feet. Not deep, thbankfully. Will be taking oral antibiotics for the next ten days. Will have to stock up on yogurt, and sour kraut. Seeeeya; Chief Longwind of the North
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    Just remember, every substance, every element, every compound has a chemical name. some years bac, a hoax was published that labeled dihydrogen, oxide as a dangerous chemical additive to foods. The scan listed a host of ways that this chemical compound was dangerous. Even some politicians...
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    How much was it like for $100 in the late 70's?

    $1.25 per hour was my first pay. and I worked my tail of for it. It took a good 12 hours to cut and rake the huge lawn owned by my mother's layer boss, on the river of course, where it grew lush, and thick very quickly. Gas was .40 per gallon. I had a little Honda motorcycle that gave me 100...
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    Pouring milk from 1/2 gallon tricks please! Milk leaks all over the countertop

    Pour into a large, wide top pitcher, one with a spout. Then the milk can easily be poured from the pitcher. And as Dragon said, have the pitcher in the sink. Seeeeya; Chief Longwind of the North
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    Buy early for Thanksgiving?

    If you've never tried them, mashed rutabagas with butter, a touch of brown sugar, and pepper were traditional at our Thanksgiving meal, and taste amazing. I do love a properly cooked sweet potato, or sweet potato casserole, but the stars of the show were the mashed potatoes, bread dressings...
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    Why brine?

    It depends on what you're brining. For instance, if making corned beef from a brisket, The bine is flavored with various herbs, and spices, all cooked into the brine solution. Everything in nature seeks to distribute itself equally. The salty brine is pulled into the meat tissue, and brings...
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    For All Wild Turkey Hunters

    An amusing story for those of you who haven't seen it. Claire used to be a member on DC. This story was made up in response to her experience cooking a wild turkey for the first time. It's all about those exercised muscles. Two wild turkeys struttin' there stuff: " Hey, Girly-boy turkey. let...
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    Spaghetti sauce help

    I agree. For drying, or freezing, I was talking about newly made sauce, not the questionable sauce. Sorry for not being more clear.
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    Spaghetti sauce help

    I too would not trust what you under processed. However, if you want to save space, you can dry your sauce on a sheet pam in a low oven, them vacuum seal, or in a dehydrator. The dried tomato sauce is shelf stable. It's like making fruit leather. If you have the storage space, start over...
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    Here's something to ponder.

    A worm box, placed in a cool, dark place, filled with shredded paper can be kept year round. Veggie scraps, i.e. potato peelings, carrot peals, past the prime lettuce, cabbage leaves, etc., all are eaten by the worms, In turn, they multiply, and produce worm casings, which is one of the best...
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    Happy Birthday LPBeier

    Happy birthday to one of the greats. Seeeeya; Chief Longwind of the North
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    ISO good breakfast sausage recipe

    Not exactly breakfast sausage, but this sausage created in Michigan's Upper Peninsula is a treat. It can be formed into oval patties, and topped with a marinara and Provolone to make the famed Cudighi sandwich, served on a hoagie bun, or made into patties, fried, and served with eggs. Cudighi...
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    Sausage with skin?

    Jimmy Dean Heat & Serve breakfast links are shaped like sausage links, sans casings. They are pretty good. I do prefer a natural casing as it makes for juicier sausage, Imho. It's also very easy to find 1 lb. tubes of bulk Italian, and breakfast sausage at most U.S. grocers. Simply ask a...
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    Sausage with skin?

    Sausage making can be a process and requires a bit of work. There are a host of recipes on the internet for making everything from bratwurst, to kielbasa, to hot dogs, to mortadella. Most recipes use sausage casings, but don't really need to. Sausage is often sold in bulk form, without skins...
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    Sunday Dinner - 10/2

    My son made some pretty good chili, slow slow cooked in the instapot. The texture was perfect, meaty, thick with just the right amount of beans, tomato, and onions. For me, I would ha e added more chili powder, cumin, and a bit of çocoa powder. DIL made fresh bread. Iove chili. It was a...
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