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    The Flavor Matrix

    The Flavor Matrix is a fantastic book!
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    Recipe for bacon bubbles for dogs? Pls help

    Thank you! I love the idea of chicken broth cubes. Perhaps I could play with the recipe to lower the amount of soap. Thanks for the video and info!
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    Recipe for bacon bubbles for dogs? Pls help

    Hi! Do you have a recipe for making bacon-flavored bubble solution for dogs? I saw some dogs having great fun chasing and biting bacon-flavored bubbles on the show "It's Me or the Dog." Thanks for your help!
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    Favorite Kitchen Gadgets?

    Microplane - getting zest from citrus fruits and removing any burnt areas from baked cookie bottoms or toast. Mini food processor - deviled egg filling, guacamole, mayonnaise, vinaigrette, herb butters, pesto, dip, olive tapenade, mincing shallots, chopping chocolate, more.
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    Cake idea needed

    OP - cakes look fantastic in your pics! Congratulations! Although late to this party, I would like suggest a cake board (like a charcuteries board). I would offer carrot cake, chocolate, and flourless almond cupcakes. Plus I would offer toppings of nuts, berries, icings of flavoured...
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    Soup Pot Luck

    Great idea! My friend in a city north of participates in a group named "Soup and Salon." This is a discussion group (like a book group) which meets in different gals' homes. Each salon has 3 soup makers and one bread provider. The discussion topic is issued inside the invitation. For a...
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    Soup Maker

    I love soups and stews in cold weather. But the best recipes involve roasting the vegetables / meat. This Soup Maker seems to just boil them. In summer I like to make compound herb butters from fresh herbs. I freeze the butters in ice cube trays. In winter, I'll add a cube to a pot of soup...
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    What Do You Do With Your SPAM®?

    If someone gives it to me, I give it to the dog and feel a bit guilty about it. She loves it, tho!
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    Do you have a favorite herb, or spice, so some combination

    I love cardamom, freshly ground fine. The Scandinavians use it in pastry, similar to the way we use cinnamon. I like cardamom mixed with freshly shaved nutmeg, ground cloves, and vanilla in pumpkin pie and spice cake. On a cold morning, these spices in warm almond milk is lovely.
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    How many have their knives professionally sharpened?

    It sounds like knife sharpening at a Farmer's Market could be a great side hustle for someone. I'd go if our Farmer's Market had one.
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    No-churn Ice Cream

    If you want fabulous apple ice cream, I would use an electric ice cream maker and forget the no-churn method. Borrow a machine if you don't have one. I would add applesauce and spices to a vanilla ice cream recipe. A few minutes before the ice cream is just right, I would add 1 or 2...
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    Moist cake too moist

    You might try two things: Lessen the amount of oil you use in the batter. The oil you used might be rancid. Oil goes bad. Keep oil in the frig and buy in small amounts if you don't usually go through oil quickly.
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    Spirits for cooking

    I just saw a recipe calling for pear vodka. New to me but sounds good. I haven't tried it yet but here's the recipe: Chicken with pears, pear vodka, lemon, cream 2 lg pears, peeled, cored, sliced 2 Tbsp oil Salt & Pepper 4 boneless, skinless chicken breast (1.25 lbs total) 1/8 c flour 2 Tbsp...
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    Cooking while sitting...

    Great idea and execution, OP!
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    Storing herbs and spices

    This is a great thread. Thank you, OP! I have been storing my vitamins and medications in drawer in an end table near where I drink morning tea. Lids are labeled with a sharpie. Thanks to this thread, I know I can organize a spice drawer well away from heat the same way. I'll be moving soon...
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