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    On the search for a vintage cookbook!!

    Did you see the post right after Ginny's post?
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    Dinner Friday, 11-25-2022 ~ no turkey tonight

    I was going to make some leftovers soup and try a recipe for dumplings from Chef John. But, I got to organizing the cheeses and cold cuts in the fridge (I wanted to use up any cold cuts that had been hanging around in open packages.) and then I ran out of spoons. So, we ordered from our...
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    Which self-help book would you choose to read first out of these?

    I really enjoyed The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey. I have incorporated many things from that book into my life.
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    Bread respect when in israel.

    Do people often throw pieces of bread on the sidewalk? Why?
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    ISO tips and tricks for using frozen, store bought, puff pastry

    Thank you for the explanation. That the "best working range" is fairly wide is good to know. I am not likely to risk defrosting it overnight. I don't know how many spoons I have until I have been awake for a few hours. I would rather defrost in the morning on a day where I have enough spoons.
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    Petty Vents

    This is why some of us refer to a subset of our friends as "chosen family".
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    ISO tips and tricks for using frozen, store bought, puff pastry

    Oh, that makes sense. I was all in a dither about getting the timing right with unfolding the dough. But, if I don't get it done in time, I can just roll it out still folded. Phew!
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    ISO tips and tricks for using frozen, store bought, puff pastry

    I finally found some frozen puff pastry with decent ingredients. This one is all butter . It's not cheap, so I don't want to mess it up. I have never used puff pastry before. The instructions are to defrost it in the refrigerator for 4-6 (or was it 6-8?) hours and then unfold it. It can be...
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    Petty Vents

    @Kaneohegirlinaz (((Hugs))) Tell them to send you email. Email is much less intrusive.
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    Supper 2022 November 24, Thanksgiving in the US

    We had Thanksgiving back in October, so I made a more ordinary supper. I had no particular inspiration, so I made something simple. I roasted some roasted onion sausages in the toaster oven. I made a green salad of green crisp lettuce, scallion greens, sunflower micro greens, celery, red and...
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    New Poultry Shears

    Thanks for the update Andy.
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    Dinner Wednesday, 11-23-2022

    Oh, and @Cooking Goddess, Happy Anniversary to you and "himself".
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    Dinner Wednesday, 11-23-2022

    Had a grocery delivery, so I was prepared with some ready made samosas and Algerian mini briks. I got those with my Lufa Farms basket yesterday. I made a very simple green salad to go with it - greencrisp lettuce, a whole bunch of scallion greens (the scallions I get from Lufa Farms have are...
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    Cranberries vs. Hubby - Round 1

    Oh no! Not again, even though it's getting to be a traditional humour post. Funny, but sad. I would be drinking too.
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    Can I use the air fryer to make porridge?

    Is the air fryer of the basket style or of the toaster oven style?
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