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Old 07-07-2008, 10:19 PM   #21
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Originally Posted by Fisher's Mom View Post
I don't mean to laugh but I live with a lot of guys and I know exactly what you mean! When my 2 oldest sons lived together, they were so proud of discovering that if you put the fast food trash and styrofoam trays in the fridge, they don't start to smell a week later!!!!! (When I mentioned that using a trash can and setting it out on trash day worked even better, I got blank stares!) Anyway, you're a lovely lady for looking out for them.
So let me get this right... if you throw the styrofoam containers out in the trash and then take the trash out.... j/k.

I always do the grocery shopping, and since that means cleaning the fridge out first it gets cleaned out weekly. Usually just soap and water does the trick for me. I can't remember the last time something got spilled in the freezer making it necessary to clean it out.

One question: How many use A&H baking soda in the fridge for odors?

I always did in the old one and it didn't seem to help much. My new one has a built in filter/fan to recirculate the air inside and keep it odor free. And I don't mean to cover up odors from stinky old stuff, just various odors that seem to build up in the fridge. I have noticed in my new fridge the filter seems to keep it almost odor free.

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Old 01-22-2009, 12:51 PM   #22
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Dr. Bronner

I use Dr. Bronner (peppermint-because it's what I have) for just about all cleaning-it's safe to even brush teeth with (although i dont) but gets out any stain from anything! I have even gotten out coffee & wine stains from the carpet with a drop of it! I dilute it quite a bit for fridge cleaning though!

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Old 01-23-2009, 10:42 AM   #23
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I wouldn't use anything with a fragrance in the fridge. A drop or two of dishsoap and scrubby sponge take care of most anything in my fridge. Stains--like the ring from the drippy wine or soy sauce bottle--get a dab of diluted bleach.
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Old 01-28-2009, 09:25 AM   #24
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when cleaning up the fridge, you need to turn it off or unplug it, then remove all the food and condiments, next is to take out all the crisper drawers and wash them by hand in sink and leave them to air dry.

While letting the drawers to dry, start cleaning the interior of your fridge from top to bottom. Wipe it with a solution of dish washing liquid and 1 gallon of warm water. If it has a bad odor, use baking soda instead of soap. Place a heated bowl of vinegar in your fridge for about 5 minutes, the steam will loosen up those stuck-on foods and hardened spills.

Take a clean cloth and rinse everything down with plain water. Dry it with a towel or leave it to air dry.

There are 2 cleaning products that should never be mixed, and these are ammonia and any product containing bleach. This can produce noxious and poisonous gases when combined.

Baking soda, borax, rubbing alcohol, and lemon juice are nontoxic cleaning products
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Old 01-28-2009, 09:57 AM   #25
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I use a white vinegar/water mix to clean just about everything these
It works very well - no 'chemicals'
If the solution is not working I will try all vinegar or
vinegar and baking soda.
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Old 01-28-2009, 10:05 AM   #26
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Not to be horribly annoying or anything, but I've separated my refrigerator/freezer into five areas and wipe one of them every day with a wet sponge. It takes just a minute or so, and I never face a major cleaning job.

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Old 07-14-2012, 04:46 PM   #27
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Mine is a bear!!!!!! GRRRRRRRRRR

Deep inside the seals on the edges, there was a little black mold, pried them open then I washed it then treated it with a diluted bleach solution--only on the fridge and not the freezer. Check!

How can I clean the plastic/rubber/something TEXTURED (finely) handles on the outside, so they come out as white as the rest of the smooth refrigerator? I've tried soap and water with washcloth, scrubby pad, a circular motion with a toothbrush. Any ideas?
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Old 07-14-2012, 07:31 PM   #28
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i'd cleaned the entire thing, pitching any iffy/old item. then i scrubbed w/ paper towels, then organic food-safe wipes. dried it, & arranged the food items again. the dairy on 1/2 the highest shelf, fruits/veggies, then cooked & sealed items. last shelf is raw meats, fish, & poultry, all seperately wrapped, as low as i can. a fridge-box of baking soda. once a week, i toss old food the day before i buy fresh groceries.
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I use vinegar and baking soda. I use my Shark steamer on the door, rubber seals, etc. I clean my fridge every Saturday. I take out the shelves and wash those with dish soap, ditto for the drawers. And I wipe down the sides at the same time (while the shelves and drawers are out). I use vinegar and baking soda after I've defrosted the freezer compartment--I do that every 2-3 months. I am anal about cleaning the fridge. I also move it out (it is on casters) every Saturday and clean under it. It doesn't take me very long--probably about 30 minutes. I am not as anal about cleaning under/behind the stove--I do that about 3x / year. I have dogs that shed a lot, so there is a lot of dog hair under both. I vacuum (using the IRoomba) almost every day and use the steamer mop at least 5x/week.
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I would say I do mine at least once a month. Tidy fridge, tidy mind.

I take everything out, but I dont switch it off. I take the drawers and the shelves out and clean them in the sink with soapy water. I clean the rest of the fridge with a special spray I get from a shop called Lakeland here, it removes stains and has a nice cucumber smell.

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