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Ms M-- Thanks for your several Asian recipes. I especially like Sesame Chicken. I made this as a special dish, I think it was around Valentine's day. It's about time to make it again. I copied/ saved your recipe and want to try it soon.

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Originally Posted by powerplantop View Post
I am really liking the sauce part especially the Apricot preserves. I will be trying this soon.
I liked the apricot preserves too. I don't know why that seems Asian to me but it does.

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Old 03-22-2012, 02:39 AM   #13
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Originally Posted by Andy M. View Post
This looks really good. Copied and pasted. Thanks.
+1 its 07.05 and I could murder a plate of this after I finish with the sweet and sour.
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Originally Posted by Bolas De Fraile View Post
+1 its 07.05 and I could murder a plate of this after I finish with the sweet and sour.
Thank you bolas

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chicken, recipe

Ms. Mofet's Sesame Chicken [FONT=Calibri][SIZE=3][B][U]Ms. Mofet's Sesame Chicken[/U][/B][/SIZE][/FONT] [COLOR=gray][FONT=Calibri] [/FONT][/COLOR] [COLOR=#333333][FONT=Verdana]4 Servings[/FONT][/COLOR] [LIST] [*][COLOR=#333333][FONT=Verdana]Peanut oil or Canola oil (for frying)[/FONT][/COLOR] [/LIST][COLOR=#333333][FONT=Verdana][B]For the Chicken [/B][/FONT][/COLOR] [LIST] [*][COLOR=#333333][FONT=Verdana]1.5 to 2 lb (about 3 or 4 large depending on size) boneless/skinless (or cut off bone) chicken breasts[/FONT][/COLOR] [*][COLOR=#333333][FONT=Verdana]1/4 cup soy sauce[/FONT][/COLOR] [*][COLOR=#333333][FONT=Verdana]1 TBS brown sugar[/FONT][/COLOR] [*][COLOR=#333333][FONT=Verdana]2 - 3 drops sesame oil or to taste[/FONT][/COLOR] [*][COLOR=#333333][FONT=Verdana]2 drops Hot chili sesame oil (or 1 shake red pepper flakes) - or to taste[/FONT][/COLOR] [*][COLOR=#333333][FONT=Verdana]1 TBS sherry wine (optional)[/FONT][/COLOR] [/LIST] [LIST] [*][COLOR=#333333][FONT=Verdana]Cornstarch to coat chicken[/FONT][/COLOR] [/LIST][COLOR=#333333][FONT=Verdana][B]For the Sauce[/B][/FONT][/COLOR] [LIST] [*][COLOR=#333333][FONT=Verdana]1/4 cup honey[/FONT][/COLOR] [*][COLOR=#333333][FONT=Verdana]1/4 cup soy sauce[/FONT][/COLOR] [*][COLOR=#333333][FONT=Verdana]1/3 cup chicken broth[/FONT][/COLOR] [*][COLOR=#333333][FONT=Verdana]1 - 2 TBSP sesame oil - or to taste[/FONT][/COLOR] [*][COLOR=#333333][FONT=Verdana]2 - 3 tsp Fresh ginger root (or 1 tsp ground ginger) or to taste; grated or minced fine[/FONT][/COLOR] [*][COLOR=#333333][FONT=Verdana]1 or 2 large clove garlic (about 1/2 TBS) or to taste; grated or minced fine[/FONT][/COLOR] [*][COLOR=#333333][FONT=Verdana]1 TBSP brown sugar[/FONT][/COLOR] [*][COLOR=#333333][FONT=Verdana]2 TBSP Apricot preserves[/FONT][/COLOR] [*][COLOR=#333333][FONT=Verdana]2 drops Hot chili sesame oil (or 1 shake red pepper flakes) - or to taste[/FONT][/COLOR] [/LIST] [LIST] [*][COLOR=#333333][FONT=Verdana]Slurry of 3 - 4 tsp cornstarch dissolved in 1/4 cup water[/FONT][/COLOR] [/LIST][COLOR=#333333][FONT=Verdana][B][U]Note[/U][/B]: I use a microplane (rasp type) grater for the garlic and ginger.[/FONT][/COLOR] [COLOR=#333333][FONT=Verdana] [/FONT][/COLOR] [COLOR=#333333][FONT=Verdana][B]Garnish[/B] [/FONT][/COLOR] [LIST] [*][COLOR=#333333][FONT=Verdana]1 TBS Sesame Seeds or to taste - toasted in a dry pan till golden[/FONT][/COLOR] [*][COLOR=#333333][FONT=Verdana]2 Green Onions or to taste - white & green parts sliced [/FONT][/COLOR] [/LIST][LIST=1] [*][COLOR=#333333][FONT=Verdana]Cut chicken into 1 inch cubes[/FONT][/COLOR] [*][COLOR=#333333][FONT=Verdana]Combine chicken ingredients [B]EXCEPT[/B] cornstarch and let marinate for at least 30 minutes in the refrigerator.[/FONT][/COLOR] [*][COLOR=#333333][FONT=Verdana]Drain chicken (discard marinade) and toss/coat in cornstarch. [/FONT][/COLOR] [*][COLOR=#333333][FONT=Verdana]Heat 2 inches oil in heavy 10 inch frying pan (I used cast iron) till a drop of water sizzles when it hits the oil (stand back and be careful when doing this). [/FONT][/COLOR] [*][COLOR=#333333][FONT=Verdana]Add chicken in small batches to oil and keep moving it around until completely cooked (180F). [/FONT][/COLOR] [*][COLOR=#333333][FONT=Verdana]Remove from pan and drain on brown paper bag or paper towel.[/FONT][/COLOR] [*][COLOR=#333333][FONT=Verdana]Combine all sauce ingredients [B]EXCEPT[/B] cornstarch in a sauce pan and bring to a boil. [/FONT][/COLOR] [*][COLOR=#333333][FONT=Verdana]Slowly add cornstarch slurry to the sauce and heat and stir until desired thickness.[/FONT][/COLOR] [*][COLOR=#333333][FONT=Verdana]Add the chicken to the sauce and toss to coat.[/FONT][/COLOR] [*][COLOR=#333333][FONT=Verdana]Place on serving dish.[/FONT][/COLOR] [*][COLOR=#333333][FONT=Verdana]Sprinkle with toasted sesame seeds and green onions.[/FONT][/COLOR] [/LIST][COLOR=#333333][FONT=Verdana][B][U]Note[/U][/B][B]: [/B]You can use a deep fryer if you want. Fill, heat and cook the chicken following the users guide/directions.[/FONT][/COLOR] [COLOR=#333333][FONT=Verdana] [/FONT][/COLOR] [COLOR=#333333][FONT=Verdana](You can substitute pork for the chicken)[/FONT][/COLOR] [COLOR=#333333][FONT=Verdana] [/FONT][/COLOR] [COLOR=black][FONT=Calibri][IMG]http://www.discusscooking.com/attachments/photobucket/img_1121472_0_cb4e4ed004f0b1c8b2f3b2e52c7c4141.jpg[/IMG][/FONT][/COLOR] 3 stars 1 reviews
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