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Originally Posted by suziquzie View Post
I usually love Thanksgiving and all that goes with it!
But I get so tired of choosing between goingt o his family or my family, or having everyone here.... you just can't please everyone.....
I don't even want to deal with it this year. I want to make a nice big delicious feast for DH and the kids, veg out all day and just be us. Alone.
Doesn't happen here too often anymore.
When I was married to ex... I had to deal with that too, go to his mother's and go to my mother's , Thanksgiving and Christmas. It was such a hassle. I told my sons to do what they want for holidays, I am not putting them thru that , to go to my house or go to their wives families. So far, hubby and I either spend the holidays alone or sometimes we get invited to one of my sister's for dinner.

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Thanksgiving for our family is a huge event. We always have the feast at Mom and Dads house and we always have an open door policy. Anybody and I really mean ANYBODY is welcome to sit at the table to enjoy a good meal and be thankful for family, friends and good health. Dinner usually consists of 1 roast turkey, 2 deep fried turkeys, (one spice rubbed and one injected) 3 ducks, (one savory herb, one ala orange, and one cherry glazed) 2 rabbits, (battered and fried). These are my responsibility.
Others take care of the dressing, veggies, desserts and drinks. We usually have a turnout of 25 to 30 people which is a lot of work, but I love every second of it.

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You would be eating with about 45+ people in my family, lol and watching the Dallas Cowboys play, listening to all of us scream and hollar when they do good and cuss when they do bad, hehe.
You would be eating the following
Mashed Potatoes
Sweet Potatoes
Green Bean Casserole
Brocolli Salad
Pecan pie
Pumpkin pie
Chocolate pie
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Here are some more Thanksgiving Ideas from our Special Events and Planning Forum.

Before my kids got married and had their own families, I too cooked a large Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner for everyone. But with Mothers-in-law and another set of Grandmothers to visit (and after Dad passed away 13 years ago) - I too have told my kids not to worry about making it by to see me on those days. You can only eat just so much food, and visit just so many people, in one day. No fun cooking for people who are so full they can't stand to look at another plate of food - and no fun for them, either.

But - back in the day when I was making a big meal it was something like:

Turkey (oven roasted or smoked)
Ham (baked or smoked)
Cornbread dressing - 1 pan with and 1 pan without oysters
Mashed potatoes
Giblet gravy
Baked sweet potatoes with brown sugar and mini marshmallows
Green bean cassarole (I added 1 cup diced onion and omitted the soy sauce)
Summer squash casserole
Succotash (cut corn and lima beans)
Carrots - glazed in a buttery sauce
Another veggie or 2 usually steamed - cauliflower, broccoli, brussels sprouts - sometimes pickled beets with butter and sour cream
Jellied cranberry sauce
Cranberry, orange and pecan compote
1 pecan pie and 1 either pumpkin or sweet potato pie
Homemade dinner rolls
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for many years i have had thanksgiving at my house. i can relate to suz. i am tired. i do all the work and then they gobble it up and split to their other families. just about time i can sit and visit, they are all gone.

my daughter said she would like to have it this year. don't think son and his family will want to drive to her house. so i will go and they must do their own. this is awkward but daughter says she is tired of being to only one to drive a long way. i for see hard feelings.

food is traditional , turkey,dressing,mashed pot. sweet pot. gravy, rolls, green bean cass. pie or pumpkin cheese cake.

i am hoping everyone will be ok with the change.
"life isn't about how to survive the storm but how to dance in the rain"
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When we moved down here, the idea of turkey, stuffing, gravy, etc. on a very warm day did not sound too appealing, so we decided to make a new tradition for ourselves. We made tamales together. Now, we make dozens of tamales together every year, and invite a houseful to share them with us. We make VERY good tamales and have a great time making them. We serve them with rice, beans,vegetables, fruit and a pumpkin cheescake.
Saludos, Karen
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1800s Vintage Cooking

Pumpkin Pie - 1888

1 pumpkin (substitute with squash)
6 eggs
8 tablespoons sugar
1 quart milk

Peel and slice pumpkin. Boil it in boiling water until it is tender enough to rub through a serve with a potato masher; mix with custard made with beaten eggs with sugar and milk; flavor with spice and grated lemon rind; Bake in a deep earthen pie plate lined with pastry.
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What a fantastic response to my post. Thank you very much everybody. It was positively mouth-watering to read your messages! Thanksgiving seems to be an enormously big celebration and, in my house at least, Christmas Day lunch is the nearest we come to it.
The supermarkets here are hell-bent on shoving Christmas down your throats from late September when the warm weather fare such as disposable barbecues (yes, summer lasted all of three days this year) is sold off and replaced rather too hastily with boxes of chocolates, Christmas stockings, jars of sweets and tins of Scottish shortbread. Donít even mention food shopping on Christmas Eve. IT IS HORRENDOUS!
Are the shops closed during Thanksgiving? Our supermarkets close on Christmas Day - for now at least, but have the feeling they would rather not!
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Same here i l l.....
Thanksgiving dinner is Christmas pre-game.
Last year the stores waited 'til Halloween was gone for Christmas.
This year it's in the next aisle.
Not that there's anything wrong with that.....
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I'm looking forward to those pies. mmm good!!

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