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Funny Pets

Am I the only person who has a dog that BEGS to be vacuumed? I have a 10-yr. old rescued Saint...she BEGS to be vacuumed...not a bad thing during the "molting" season, but am I the only person with a dog that LOVES the vacuum?

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I have never seen any living creature enjoy a bit of food more than my 100 pound Golden Retriever enjoyed a Milk Bone dog biscuit!

It was a sight to see his reaction to a Milk Bone! He would get so excited he's start drooling profusely right away then race through the house with the biscuit in his mouth, whining all the while. Then he'd drop the biscuit on the living room rug and roll around on it. Then he'd pick it up and race through the house again, roll around, whine and drool, drool, drool.

After a few minutes of that he would calm down enough to actually eat the biscuit.

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My first Saint Bernard--Captain Kirk S. Bernard, Ret. L.O. loved KALE. When I bought it, he'd be digging it out of the grocery bag if I left it where he could get it.That and beets. His "cousin" Kelli (my 2nd rescued Saint), loved aspargus. She'd twig to the fact that the aspargus was up and would go eat it--we hardly ever got to eat any of it during the 7 years she shared our lives...miss her still. Ironically, she died on Canadian Thanksgiving in 2003. The aspargus hasn't come back since--I swear she took it with her! And, if the aspargus ever comes back, I'm in trouble--her spirit will be coming back. My mixed breed (pre-Saints) LOVED winter squash. She'd steal the muffins off the counter...and, she'd go out to the compost heap and eat the "shells." On the last night of her life, I feed her baby-food squash...15 minutes later, she died in my arms. My Newfoundland (Forest--Fooey-booey) would look at the microwave at 9:28 p.m. bark twice, roll his eyes to the cupboard where the cookies were, look back at the microwave, and look at me. That was his parlor trick--to roll his big brown eyes to the microwave, the cupboard, and back at me (to tell me I was really slow--couldn't I tell time?) The funny thing was, cookie time was 9:30 p.m.
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Originally Posted by CWS4322 View Post
Am I the only person who has a dog that BEGS to be vacuumed? I have a 10-yr. old rescued Saint...she BEGS to be vacuumed...not a bad thing during the "molting" season, but am I the only person with a dog that LOVES the vacuum?
Back in the nineties I had a house cleaner. She said my Rottweiler loved to be vacuumed. It wasn't anything I got him used to or did myself, so I guess one day she just did it.

Andy, my oldest (11 yo now) gets on a tear once in a while. I've got several large Nylabones laying around and a few times a week she will grab one, snarl, flip it a few feet (of course it hits with a thud), then charge at it and roll on it with her back. Then she'll suddenly stop, all fours in the air, just waiting... then start snarling and wriggling around on top of it again. I have no idea how that could be comfortable as they are the largest bones Nylabone makes, eggplant sized, but she seems to enjoy it. And I enjoy watching her having fun doing it. Last night my middle one started doing it
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i am not so sure this is funny. i can't leave a pin cushion anywhere charlie the cat can find it. he very carefully pulls the pins out of the cushion, i use quilting pins a lot and they have large heads on them. he does the smaller ones as well. i try very hard not to leave them out. i am afraid he will swallow one of them. now if i could just get it across that he is not to bite the mom. lol
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My JRs absolutely hated any dry dog treat (i.e., Milk Bones). Struck us as strange, since unless they needed it for illness/pregnancy, their diet was totally dry food. But I think they'd have to be starving to eat a Milk Bone. Well, one time we were camped and the man at the site next to us came over with a box of Milk Bones. His boxer had just died and he wanted to give it to us. For one thing, they were much too large for my little dogs. But I swear, the dogs ate what was almost an entire box of Milk Bones over the next few weeks. I bought another ... and they never touched another Milk Bone. What was that all about? Some sort of psychic connection to a dog they never met?
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Babe, when I worked for a vet, we had a client who was a miniature bull terrier. He'd eat anything, but his true love was push-pins, like you use on a bulletin board!
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I had a 5 pound female cat who eventually adapted to living in the country. One evening we learned that she had been "playing" with frogs. She had one and the poor thing was so tired it didn't care if she ate it. It just sat there. So, she would tap its bum with a paw until it jumped. We called it playing tiddly frog.

Another time, late in the evening, I heard snarling and fighting. I grabbed a flashlight and ran outside towards the sound. I saw my teensy cat come strutting around the corner of the cabin, chest out, looking very pleased with herself. I went around the corner of the cabin and shone my light. Something large was waddling away quickly. I think it was a raccoon. My little cat had protected us from the vicious invader.
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Our Golden Retriever/Malamute mix girl loved to be vacuumed. She wouldn't beg for it, actually don't think she ever begged for anything, she was the best girl we've ever had behavior wise, but she'd stand or sit there in ecstasy while you did it.

She was funny though. She LOVED to play tug, especially with Daddy (Craig). She was 90+ pounds and strong as a bull so she'd beat me and DD up when we tried to play tug with her. When Keena was about 6-7 our daughter got a pug puppy. Well it just killed the puppy to watch Daddy and Keena (the big dog) play tug and she couldn't play cause she wasn't big enough to reach the tug. So, Daddy would play with Keena until she was over the initial energy phase then he'd hold the tug down close to the floor so the pug could play too. The pug would get on the tug side with Daddy and would just fiercely growl and tug like she was the one doing all the work. As the pug got bigger, she and Keena started to play together. It was HILARIOUS watching the 2 of them play tug. Keena knew she had to be gentle and more careful when she was playing with the puppy then when she played with us but she acted it up for all she was worth that she was giving her best. Course as the pug got bigger, and you wouldn't believe the muscles she developed from playing with Keena, the tug sessions got wilder. Keena loved to shake her head when she was playing tug and the pug would be flying back and forth in the air, holding onto the tug for all she was worth cause she WASN'T going to lose by letting go. We had some royal "battles" over that tug.
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One of my cats loves licking my fiance's armpits.

Yeah, that's right.

Clean, fresh out of the shower, sweaty, doesn't matter.

At night he'll lick it until he passes out in it.

He also licks us, our faces, etc. It's pretty cute, like little kisses, but believe me we are always making sure he wasn't just licking his rear lol.

He licks the mattress too, for some reason??? Sometimes we get woken up by a scratchy licking sound...

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