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Old 08-01-2008, 11:01 AM   #1
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Got a new puppy

Help! We got a new puppy yesterday - not planning for one but a neighbor had this pup that she had found somewhere and couldn't keep and Fisher fell in love. His birthday is this weekend so the timing is great. BUT, I have never actually house-trained a puppy. I've always gotten grown dogs that were already trained or cats that self-train. Anybody have any tips? This little one is about 12 weeks old, I think. Still has baby teeth. He's a wire haired dachsund type mix. I have a crate, which he slept in next to my bed last night, and didn't cry at all. But he has no idea that when I take him outside, that's a good place to potty. Any help or tips will be greatly appreciated!


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We have had about 10 dogs in my life time and my mom trained them all. You have to get them to learn the word potty so when you take them out and say go potty, they know what you mean. when you notice the puppy starting to get ready to go on the floor or something, hurry and pick it up and put it on a pile of newspapers. hopefully you make it in time. if he goes on the papers, then say good boy/girl and give them hugs and treats. after a while they learn that the newspaper pile is a good place to go, then when its time, you will learn the puppies schedule and you can start taking it outside at certain times and it will get used to going out side every 2 or 3 hours to go potty.

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Reward the dog with a treat when they are good and let them know when thay are bad. Cage training is a great way to train. If the dog is bad you tell it to go to it's bed (the cage) but when you lock the door on it, it knows it did something wrong......usually. Have alot of patience.
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Old 08-01-2008, 12:12 PM   #4
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We took our dog to a training class - it was the best thing we could have done for her, and us. She doesn't run away, or jump on people, she leaves things alone when we tell her to. We had several dogs growing up, but my parents never trained them. My dad spent a lot of time on his grandparents' farm when he was growing up, and dogs weren't really trained there. But it makes the dog *so* much easier to live with.

If you get a book or something, and are really diligent about it, you can train the dog yourself. We found it easier to take her to a class. Also, we don't reward her for good behavior with treats - we reward her with petting and a lot of "Good girl!" The trainer said rewarding a dog with treats can easily lead to overeating and an overweight dog, which can cause physical problems.

Soon after he eats, take him outside on a leash and say "go potty" over and over. Praise him a lot when he goes. Remember that dogs do not understand sentences but they can learn lots of words. HTH.
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Old 08-01-2008, 12:36 PM   #5
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Yep. Patience. Lots of it.
It helps if someone is home all the time (are you?), then you don't have to trust the pup to "hold it" longer than they can. 12 weeks old is a lot better than 8 weeks old. Trust me on that

I've never been a believer of training a dog to go inside, so no paper training for my dogs. Pierce turns one year old on Monday and only one pee accident, but even now I rarely let him leave my sight, and never as a puppy. If I was watching TV late, he went into the crate beside me in case I fell asleep. Even now he will seek out his crate and lay down in it rather than me "yelling" at him to get out of the kitchen (when I'm cooking). So I guess what I'm saying is to never punish him by putting him ini his crate and he won't mind going there.

So, gone are the days of rubbing their nose in it. If you don't catch a pup in the act and run into an accident, put him outside or in his crate for a bit and clean it up without him seeing you. Remember, his mother cleaned up after him until he was weaned..... don't let him think it's still OK by him watching you clean up after him.

Anticipate when he has to go; When he wakes up, shortly after he eats, after playing or losing interest in playing and getting "the look". And about three other times inbetween.

If you do catch him starting to squat, throw something at him. Magazines work great, but a remote landing closeby will have a similar effect, too. It will stop him from going immediately, then grab him, take him outside and if he has anything to finish, tell him how good he is. Repeatedly. A stomp on the floor and a yell from you will work in a pinch if you don't have anything safe handy.

Keep in mind; You can't housebreak a dog just by putting him outside on his own. You need to be there with him, and if he wants to play, bring him back inside. You aren't out there to play. He will get the idea quickly what he's supposed to be doing and yes, a "word" helps remind him why he's out there. I liked to keep a leash handy and use that, taking him to the same spot, but Pierce has always been a walker and that didn't work for him, so be ready to adapt.

And good luck!

Oh, and pick his water up after dinner. He won't need any water til the next day unless something is wrong with him. That should let him go one last time before bed (11:00ish) and hold it til morning (6:00ish?)
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All of the above advice is great but just remember to be patient. The vet told me that a puppy can't control his bladder until he's 3 to 4 months old so there are going to be accidents.
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Old 08-01-2008, 01:23 PM   #7
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Pacanis has good advice. I don't like indoor training or pee pads.... As soon as I brought Binks home, outside he went! Binks was only 9 oz at the time, so I made very frequent trips. But it all paid off in the end.

I'm not a fan of treating dogs either. I think that can get out of hand and then you have obesity problems with your dog. I prefer praise and love than treats. They get a treat once a week maybe. I usually don't even buy them, but they do like their marrow bones.

Congrats on your new puppy!!! Any chance we get to see a pic of the little guy???
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Old 08-01-2008, 02:06 PM   #8
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Thank you, thank you. This was kinda what I had remembered from years ago when I worked in veterinary clinics but with more details.

The crate thing is interesting. I have always used crates when a new dog came into the house or I was watching a friend's pet. It's a safe place for them to sleep or escape kids and noise and chaos. I've never used one as punishment. But lots of people I know see it as a bad thing, like prison or something. I'm glad so many of you use them, too.

I know that when pets have an accident, they tend to have accidents in the same spot over and over, no matter how well you clean it. Thus it made sense to me to keep the pup crated at night so he wouldn't potty somewhere I didn't find immediately and then think it was a good spot. I made sure it was facing the bed so he could see me and he was perfectly happy to sleep in it.

I'd never thought about not letting him see me clean up after him but it makes perfect sense! Thanks, Pacanis.

I will definitely post a pic when I get back home tomorrow. He really is cute (but of course, all puppies are cute.) No definite name yet since right now Fisher wants to call him CuddleBug. I know his brothers will never let that slide. He'll probably have some very macho name like Rock or Stone or something by the end of the weekend.
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Old 08-01-2008, 02:50 PM   #9
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We crate trained Bloo and her sister. I removed the crate a few years ago. I could remove everything from the room, say "In your bed!" and she'l go lay where the crate was. LOL I keep her bed there now just to keep on the same track.

The other blessing is a dog door. The dog can come and go as she pleases to a fenced in spot on the side of the house. Sometimes when I wake up in the middle of the night I can hear the "click...click...click." of the door swinging. lol
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Old 08-01-2008, 03:46 PM   #10
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Crate training works great especially with puppies. The only good dog we had growing up was crate trained.

About a month ago I adopted a year old large pit-boxer mix. He is a great dog but he has been a handful. I did not crate him because he is so big but I probably should have. He does not like to be left alone and sometimes destroys stuff. I just couldnt bring myself to put such a big boy in a crate.... he has now claimed his space on the couch (the side he did not chew up) and that is usually where he when I get home.

Good luck with your puppy! It will be great for Fisher to raise a dog and teach him alot.

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