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Old 01-31-2007, 07:14 PM   #1
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In a slump

I feel like I'm in such a slump with my cooking lately. I'm getting bored with our usual stuff, even though some of it we haven't eaten for a long time. I want something fresh and delicious. Any ideas on how to shake things up a bit?

What do you do when you get like this?


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So am I. I've been in the mood to make soup, since it's so durned cold outside, but DH isn't that fond of soup, and he's been pushing other things. I can't do much without his help, so I'm kinda mullygrubbin.

We get by with a little help from our friends
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Maybe you need to shake things up atmospherewise. In your post about what you were having for dinner you mentioned serving dinner after the little ones were down.

If that's the case, set the table with different/special dishes. Eat in another room. Change the lighting. Add/change the music that is on during dinner. Lose the TV.

Sometimes something as simple as changing the environment can make a difference. Even a bologna sandwich on a pretty plate with candlelight can be interesting.

Maybe it's not the food, but the attitude/ambiance. It's worth a try.
"As a girl I had zero interest in the stove." - Julia Child
This is real inspiration. Look what Julia became!
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Originally Posted by Constance
I've never heard that word, Constance, but I like the sounds of it! What does it mean?

I'm right there with you two--DH is working hard to drop some weight so I've been trying my best to cook the stuff he wants (mainly South Beach) and not have any temptations around. I get so tired of the same few things so fast. I love my carbs so this is hard on me. It's just so hard to be creative and I quickly lose pretty much all desire to cook. Add to that how we've all been sick on and off since November and DH's crazy, late work schedule, and it's just about impossible to enjoy the kitchen.

What I'll probably do this weekend is pull some leftovers out of the freezer for DH and whip up something I want to eat when he's around to watch Sofie long enough for me to "play" for awhile. That usually gets the creative cooking juices flowing again!
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Old 01-31-2007, 07:27 PM   #5
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when I get in a slump, I buy something I've never done before. So once I bought fresh squid. Another time I bought goat. Buy some ingredients or find a recipe and just do it.

With the squid I made a calamari pasta sauce. WIth the goat I made Jamaican curried goat stew. Both were fantastic btw, and past of my repetoire.

Or invite some friends over for a shared meal (every body bring something) or to make something bigger than you need for yourself.

Get a new cookbook and get some ideas. Change your pasta sauce around. Use sausage instead of beef, or chicken caciatore style.

If it doesn't turn out...get a pizza and chalk it up to experience. Hey, it's your kitchen.
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Originally Posted by corazon90
I feel like I'm in such a slump with my cooking lately. I'm getting bored with our usual stuff, even though some of it we haven't eaten for a long time. I want something fresh and delicious. Any ideas on how to shake things up a bit?

What do you do when you get like this?
I find we tend to eat heavier types of foods during the cold months. After a few weeks of starches with sauces I find myself wanting to have something light, fluffy, different. I begin to get bord with what we've had and the next time at the store, i look at the fruits and veggies and pick out something I've not had in awhile. I'll go from stews and pastas to a nice steak and a tasty crisp salad, from a heavy cake or pie and ice cream to just some sweet juicy tangerines. Get dh to watch the boys next time you shop, take your time, look, sniff, try something you've never had before..You will find, not having to rush through your shopping you will enjoy it more and ideas will jump out at you. Having lots of Mexican dishes lately? Then try a simple pastie and a salad of just a wedge of iceberg with a yummy blue cheese dressing on it. It doesn't have to be so fancy you're pooped when done fixing it..Just something that makes your mouth water in anticipation If dh is like mine he will go for anything set before him..Mine loves a quarter of a french loaf hollowed out and filled with meats like salami,mortadella, ham and cheese
then topped with shredded lettuce dressed with a little evoo an vinegar, some slice avocado, roma tomatoe, some soup and he's set..Yes even in the winter!
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I get like that sometimes - kinda lose my cooking mojo. A new cookbook or magazine with new recipes that I want to try usually does the trick.
I'm all about the food!
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Have a Happy Time with a steam cooked Loose Meat Hamburger Sandwich and a Dutch Letter.
This works everytime to brighten your meal.
Of course you could alway fly Barbara and I out and then you would be all better
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Oh most of us are in that cacoon slumpo. So getting out and seeing other people doesn't work that well because they are slumpo too.
I found myself complimenting a retail clerk's hot dog snack. It really looked like last summer's reject but I said that it made me hungry. She said "it's not too good." Then everybody nearby laughed at that stupid hot dog.
I am pulling out my spring projects (or at least thinking about them) and that helps to get out of the winter bla.
All the landscapes here look like old jigsaw puzzle pictures. I hear that people are hanging by their fingertips at Walmart waiting for the garden season to reopen.
I made a spumoni dessert that was outrageously rich. Family was eyeing it slow and suspicious. It lasted longer than usual and I thought the brownie was going to get up and riot after all the cherry and pistachio were gone first.
I am in the mood to visit with distant friends and family sending cards & letters. I spent some time shredding all the holiday mail offers.
All the post here seem to be coming together now so maybe I will be making some fresh fruit themes and perking up the atmosphere with something besides air freshner!
I guess I should not be so mean to the winter. After all it's snowing tonight and I could almost go for a walk.
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I don't knopw what the seasons are doing where you are but here, despite a sudden cold snap, spring produce is creeping into the shops, steadily. Eating seasonally helps deal with that "here we go again" feeling, as you know you only have that produce in season for x amount of time.Of course, nowadays its easiest to apply this to vegetables but Mussels are a big one for us in UK. We all ways RUN for the first mussels of the season and sometimes eat them twice in the first week and then drop down to once a week for a while...until the next thing!

In the depths of winters that feel never ending its different ofcourse, and its time to look at a couple of magazines with new things to do. If you can get some foreign ones maybe that would jazz it up? Yesterday I got a package including some clippings from my Mother's newspapers! If you like Cora I could mail you some translations of my monthly Italian one?

In omnibus amor et iustum
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