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Hi Sparrowgrass

The artificial light thing was just something I read. Someone had a link to the studies, but I wasn't interested enough to follow it. Supposedly studies have been done on it and there is a link to increasing "natural" egg poduction and reproductive cancer... which may or may not affect the egg eater, but why take a chance. I guess unless you have a necropsy done you might not ever know what a hen died from, and I certainly am not going to have one done if any of my chickens die As long as I get enough eggs that I don't need to buy any more, which is a 20 minute drive to the store, I'll be happy. Until they get too old to lay anymore Then I'll start over.

OK..... I would say logic would dictate the small end comes out first to ease things along....... So probably the large end.

What I want to know is who found out and why did they want to know?
And who first said, "Lets eat the first thing that falls out of this chicken's butt?

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Originally Posted by sparrowgrass View Post
I have chickens too. I love going out to the henhouse on a frosty afternoon, and picking up eggs that are still warm.

I usually do supplement with additional light, and haven't had any health problems with my girls.

The first eggs are usually smaller than later eggs, and the older the hens get, the bigger the eggs are. Sometimes mine don't fit in the cartons!

Here is puzzle for you--which end of the egg comes out first--the pointy end or the large end?
I'm voting for the big end coming out first - like babies. (But what I really wanna know is how you know the answer, sparrowgrass. I can't imagine hens being cooperative with "observers".)

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Hi, I got chickens a few years ago. I have three at the moment. 2 lay brown eggs, and 1 lays a pale blue egg. *** mentioned earlier, trying to peel the hard boiled eggs is a challenge. We usually just use them for omlets, baking .... My brown egg laying chickens usually lay one egg a day, whole the blue egg layer is only every other day. They seem not to like change. When i move them from their ' summer house' ( a coop outside ) to their winter house ( a pen in my garage) they stop laying for a few weeks, the same goes for when i put them back outside again. During the winter i keep a heat lamp on them, and this additional light does cause them to produce a little more than when they are outside. WE feed them our left overs. There favorites are spaghetti and the water mellon rind, oh, and rice too. The kids fight over who is going to check for eggs each day ( with each other , not with me :P ) And my friends and co workers think its funny when i bring my surplus in to share with everyone. When we go away, i let the kids across the street take care of them, and they get to keep the eggs. Anyway, its a great experience.
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Originally Posted by pacanis View Post
And who first said, "Lets eat the first thing that falls out of this chicken's butt?
and... "Let's pull those things hanging down on that cow and drink whatever comes out!"

As far as which end comes out first, I think it makes sense that the large end is first. After getting the most difficult part out, as everything begins to contract, the small end will help shoot it out.

Wow, never thought I would be having this discussion!

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Yep, large end first, just like a baby.

I learned many things about chickens and eggs because I worked for a very brief time as a USDA poultry grader and had to take a test.

But this particular fact I remember, because I have one of those trivia contest winner brains, full of many odd assorted facts and very little real useful knowledge.

I just haven't been the same
since that house fell on my sister.
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