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I am lucky enough to be able to buy all my fish FOB, from local fishermen. The only way they get frozen is if I freeze them, which I very seldom do because the fish market is only about 4 blocks from my house, so I buy just enough for the dish I am making at the time. Of course, if they have a really good price on something I will stock up and freeze it, but I still know exactly what it looked like, what it smelled like, and how old it was before it was frozen. The only drawback is they fish early in the morning so the market only sells fish from around 11:15 am until 7:45 pm.

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One problem might be that you could be buying lower grade fish that is marketed as Ahi.

Ahi should be from tunas such as Yellowfin, Bigeye, or even (incorrectly)Bluefin. Several other fish are cut and sold as Ahi, but are just as described: either flavorless or fishy, and often strinhy.

Although, fish that have been frozen and defrosted a few times can also get stringy and funky as well.
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Tuna quality

I'm no expert in this, and I'm not a food scientist, but it's my understanding that
  • "Sushi grade" isnt regulated
  • All fish meant to be served raw must be frozen at sub zero temperature for at least 48 hours to kill parasites
  • The color of ahi tuna is indicative of which part of the tuna the meat is from; redder is considered more desireable because of its richer taste.
So your frozen supermarket ahi should be just fine! I've never seen a "not to be eaten raw or rare" warning. I've used the same from Albertson's for poke, with no incident. If you're worried about surface bacteria, a quick sear should put your fears to rest. But if you want that unctuous, creamy mouth feel you get from the ahi at Japanese restaurants, you'll have to pop for that $20 per lb stuff. Or catch your own!
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