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luckytrim 11-26-2018 09:57 AM

Trivia 11/26
trivia 11/26
'JAWS' was the first movie to earn $100 Million .

1. According to a quote from a Shakespeare play, some are born with it, some
achieve it and some have it thrust upon them. What is 'it'?
2. What country owns Easter Island ?
3. How many states in the U.S. have a cardinal direction (North, South,
East, West) in the first part of their names?
4. A "roast beef" and a "chicken salad" are tricky moves performed in what
fun sport?
5. Do you recall who the first woman to be executed by the Government of the
USA was ?
6. What is the correct spelling of the South American country located
between Brazil and Argentina?
7. Who Said That ??
"Give me a place to stand on, and I will move the Earth"?
8. If a '69 Chevelle SS had a "Rock Crusher" installed, what GM option would
I be able to figuratively crush rocks with?
a. - Thick walled engine bearings and hardened crank journals
b. - Reinforced sidewalled tires
c. - A heavy duty 4-speed transmission.
d. - A forged steel crank with shot peened rods

In 1959, in spite of Goalie Jacques Plante's many life-threatening facial
injuries, the Montreal Canadians coach refused to allow the goalie to wear
a protective mask during league games.

1. Greatness
2. Chile
3. - 5
4. Snowboarding
5. Mary Surratt
6. Uruguay
7. Archimedes
8. - c

After many horrific facial injuries, Plante refused to play without a mask,
which forced him to defy his coach’s demands and the many hard-core hockey
fans that branded him a coward.

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