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pepperhead212 03-23-2019 11:29 PM

I made a crustless quiche for dinner tonight. I hadn't made any of these for a LONG time, but the mention of quiche somewhere, plus seeing that dish, when I was digging out something else, made me try one again, to use up some things from the fridge. I put some chunks of poached salmon in it, some sautéed mushrooms, along with some shallots, to which I added some dill butter, which, it turns out, I should have added more of. I used 6 eggs, a half cup each of milk and crema. Turned out delicious, but after the first small piece only had a small amount of dill flavor, I smeared some of that dill butter all over the remaining quiche, and the flavor was just right.
https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7876/...3940156e_c.jpgCrustless quiche w/salmon, mushrooms, and dill. by pepperhead212, on Flickr

This dill butter is very concentrated, which is why I didn't all too much, at first - I didn't want to overpower the dish with dill. I made it with just one stick of butter, and a LARGE amount of dill that I trimmed from my hydro - made over a cup of the dill butter.
https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7837/...57b7cd57_c.jpgConcentrated dill butter by pepperhead212, on Flickr

taxlady 03-23-2019 11:47 PM

(((Gentle hugs))) MsM. Sorry to read that you are in pain. I wasn't doing so great today either. We decided to scrounge leftovers for our supper.

Kayelle 03-24-2019 12:02 AM


Originally Posted by foodlover10 (Post 1588745)
Hi i am new here. I live in New Zealand and it is currently sunday afternoon here. Tonight we are having Greek Orange Roast Lamb with roast potatoes, roast kumara, roast pumpkin, glazed baby carrots, peas, corn and homemade gravy

A big welcome to you FL, and we're all glad to have you on the nightly dinner thread. I don't know what "roast kumara" is though. :wink:

foodlover10 03-24-2019 12:15 AM

Hi Kayelle, Kumara is a vegetable grown here in NZ, it is very much like a sweet potato and comes in 3 varieties, red, golden and purple. They are lovely roasted,mashed or in salads

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