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    What's for dinner Sunday, Nov 23.?

    neckbones potato salad tomato slices
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    Has anyone ever used cherry juice to tint a cake?

    Thanks Katie. I've been here for a few months now. :smile: I might try pink food coloring instead, I just don't want it to make the cake taste bitter.
  3. nrkelly

    Has anyone ever used cherry juice to tint a cake?

    I've got a white butter cake mix for my daughter's birthday cake. I'd like to make it pink and I know that somewhere I've heard of using maraschino cherry juice to tint cakes. Has anyone ever done it? How much do I use? Will it make it taste really cherry like or not much at all? She doesn't...
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    If you only had $5.00 what would you fix for a family of 4?

    I think I'd go w/ spaghetti, "homemade" garlic bread (mix garlic w/ butter, parsley & salt & spread on sandwich bread), and salad. I can get a pound of ground beef for less than $2, spaghetti for .50 and salad mix for $2. OR I'd buy a grilled chicken from walmart. I always have a starch here...
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    Friday nite dinners anyone? 9/22

    Spicy Garlic Lime Chicken pan fried garlic shrimp (from food network's Beach Eats) Aglio y Olio salad
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    Has anyone ordered a turducken online?

    well, don't tell my husband, but I might do both. you can order turducken breast (breast of turkey stuffed w/ breast of duck stuffed w/ breast of chicken & intersperced w/ dressing). I might order that and a fried turkey. Since there's more and more people coming.
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    Has anyone ordered a turducken online?

    black chef, thank you! I wonder if my dad could bring it on the plane?? He's coming from Humble, and it would save $50 - 75 in shipping charges. I'll have to find out. Thank you Andy & Half Baked. Swann, we don't really like cavier, but thanks. Aunt Dot, if you can get here to podunk...
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    Has anyone ordered a turducken online?

    I have about 12 - 15 coming for Thanksgiving and dh wants me to make a turducken. I'd like to order one online, b/c I can't debone to save my life. Has anyone ordered one? Was it good? Did it arrive frozen? Was it worth it? Is it easy to cook? Thank you.
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    What's For Dinner, Saturday, Aug. 5?

    Albertsons had a HUGE sale on seafood. So for less than $35 I got 2.5 lbs crab legs (using this recipe for them), 1.5 lb colassal shrimp (using this recipe for those), 1/2 lb salmon (using this recipe), and 2 chicken kabobs that were on clearance (w/ 5 HUGE pieces of chicken on each). So we had...
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    Dinner august 6th, 2006?

    Albertson's had a sale on ribs (spare & baby back) so we're having: spare ribs bbq'd chicken potato salad greens corn bread
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    Lamb Gyros?

    I like Greek gyros, but Turkish ones are my favorite.
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    Question re: Japanese indoor grills

    Thank you guys for the responses. I don't have the necessary ventilation, and I can't figure out how to get it to burn that hot. So I'll have to settle for eating it out. man.
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    Apple Pie leftovers? Any ideas?

    thank you sooo much! I think I will try the pancakes.
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    Apple Pie leftovers? Any ideas?

    I made a recipe for sour cream apple pie that I found on Allrecipes, but the top crust (crisp really) didn't go over well. so I have half a pie left. Other than using it on ice cream, does anyone have any ideas what I can do w/ it? I hate to throw all that food away since we're on such a...
  15. nrkelly

    Question re: Japanese indoor grills

    That's why I'm trying to figure out how the Japanese do it safely. Is it not charcoal that they use???
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