BBQ = Spicy??

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Jan 25, 2005
Foat Wuth
Sounds like yall got some girly men up there in Seattle. :shock: Only way us Tex-Mex folks knows when it time to eat is when the coola quits burnin. Toughen up. :LOL: Get the hot nex time and maybe you get an endorphine rush as the chile haids is fond of coughing up.

Lots of cajuns like hot & spicy BBQ, I don't care for it though. Give me a slightly sweet & vinegar sauce anyday
Where you from Boy? Justeen always say only yankees live in Baton Rogue. You aint from near them parts now are ya? :shock:

To many people associate bbq with sauce. When I serve bbq, I can't help but notice the amounts of sauce that is being used in relation to tha amount of actual meat. Makes me wonder why I go thru all the trouble to produce a good bark flavor to begin with.

I wonder if resturant owners make a big deal about their sauces so they can cover up the cardboard flavor their bbq.
After hanging out here sometime I agree with Cliff. BBQ is associated with sauce when it is about the meat. My wife typically will not use sauce at all and I lean that way these days.

Personally I prefer a tangy sauce be it tomato based or vinegar based. Not really spicy. I will use a spicy rub but by the time it is all said and done it is not really spicy when finished. I use sauce when I am not totally happy with the way the bbq turned out. Usually when it is dry.
My Daddy always said sauces are used to cover up poorly prepared meat. He'd say let the meat speak for itself (ex. steaks) ;) I still love the right sauce for the right meat though :D

Im thinking sauce should be a condiment, not an ingredient...I like spicy, but not to the point its painfull. I had some jambylya (sp?) in Dallas that was the best Ive ever eaten, but it was so hot, it took some of the enjoyment out of it..
I like a pint of white vinegar
1 T salt
1 T black Pepper
1 T Red pepper fakes, Or to taste.
Let it stand at room temp for a day or so then chuck in the fridge.

I tried making that NC vinegar sauce a bunch of times neva found none which I thought was spectacular. Now there is one store bought brand called Scott's that is real good. Other than that if a person want heated up vinegar think it best to just douse it down with Frank's or Sirriachi sauce. Much mo betta than the ho made concoctions with a similar flavor profile.

Sounds like you just stepped onto Prez Osamas Free Lunch program. You think beer should be free. Somebody gonna need to talk to you young whuppersnappers about some stuff called capitalism one of these days. Dang hippies.

I think it may be a palate thing... most rubs have some spice in them and thus, the resulting products would have various degrees of heat. So, if one were like most people, they would find that extra bit of fresh ground black pepper to be like little fireworks in their mouth-- perhaps a cold beverage to put out the fire after a few bites. :LOL: I, and many of my brethren find pepper to be mandatory, but prefer the sublime flavors or Jalapeños, Habaneros, chipotles in adobo, sriracha, and various other concoctions of incendiary flavors. :)

Or... it could be that you are actually eating at places where they cook with real food. I have been to many restaurants, I use that term loosely in this case-- you know places where teenagers cook under flashy neon signs and call it gourmet, that served "hot" sauce that were not. If one were to begin to think these tangy vinegar based sauces were indeed "hot" then a real spice might be a surprise! I had the Hell Fire Habanero BBQ sauce on my boneless riblet tiplets platter locally and the waitress was amazed when I drank the sauce from the ramekin. :shock: Not hot...

Keep going brother... one day you may seek out dishes like Spicy Tuna Drano Balls or sauces like Endorphin Rush or even the more common sauce with subtle heat Sriracha. :D

Trust me... this hot thing can be an addiction. :)
ScottyDaQ said:
Wait... I don't get this thing about going to a Restaurant for BBQ. Why would people do that? They charge you for stuff cute. Paying or beer... Do people really do that ??
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