Funniest BBQ Segment EVER...

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Greg Rempe

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Jan 4, 2005
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If you like Artie Lange then you will love this clip...btw, good looking BBQ!!

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That was great, That beef rib had 1/2 a ribeye still attached

dollarbill said:
I cant believe nobody here didnt say " thats grillin, not bbq" :LOL:

Either way Id wreck that! Funny too.
Because we all know that already.. :shock:
smokinbill said:
Funny bit, but the chef guy is a dumb ass recommending non-food grade plastics to the average cooking joe.
I can't imagine what leeches outta that paint bucket when you you use a an acidic mopping sauce. Can you say tomato!

Good point. Not all plastics are safe to ingest, especially those sold next to the mineral spirits. I'm sure the chemical sprayer is made of food-grade plastic as well.
Very funny.:LOL:

I loved the paint bucket idea as well. If you can find one that would be safe.

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