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Jan 25, 2005
Foat Wuth
Well just put 4 big bakers into the gaseous grill on top shelf. Washed..scrubbed and squirted down with Olive Oyl flavored PAM. I got 4 purty healthy looking steaks which are gonna follow shortly. That gasser is falling apart need some new little roofs to go over the burners etc. Anyway I'm going to pack the steaks heavy with Sea Salt for about 20 mins or so. I been doing that with roast and it seems to help. Thanks to whoever gave out that salt tip. Noticed we got invited to a crawdad boil a few weeks back and they were cooking beef Tenderloins which had been packed in rocksalt for a while..then the fella say you just brush it off and smoke/grill it. Guess the salt trick aint that new. Got two T bones and 2 Ribeyes about an inch thick. Ranchers Reserve Tom Thumb store marketing gimmick which is really Select but they supposed to make it mo betta by letting it hang longer..blah blah blah. They was 3.97 a pound. Cant buy good dawg food for that kinda money. I saved so much the mgr had to come unlock the register cuz it freezes up once a person saves 50 bucks. I also grabbed the T bones out of the clearance bin. That musta been whut pushed me over the edge. It was marked way down then 50 percent off of that. I guess they paid me to take it is all I can figger. I will repoat back with the results shortly. Sorry no pics. I only take pics of nekked ladies.

Ok stand by. Well the steaks come out purty good. Little mo chewy than CAB or Kobe but then good enough for po folks. Did the salt thing about 20 mins total and found some Suckle Busters steak rub laying around and so I used that. They was nice n salty. Didnt need to add none at the table.


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