German Jager schnitzel

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Dec 29, 2006
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Sour Kraut, Potatoes & o man what a dee licious
combo! Looks great JB :D

Whew...German ranks right up there in my favorite food groups. Good job Boy!!

well it looks like something I rejected involuntarily from my senior
year at college, but I'd give it a good shot. I have a strong curiosity
about German and eastern European foods...just have a hard time
finding em down here.
Ya know I been doing some tinking on some of the issues involved in this scenario and have about decided the central dish is Chicken Fried Steak with brown gravy which has been turned into a taste tempting treat from Da Fadderland. We also gonna need to teach the Boy how to dunk and dip stuff. Thought everybody knew to keep one hand dry and the other wet. Notice that boy go dunking in both sections with the same hand :shock: Afeered Emeril is gonna *hit a meat axe when he hears about it.

BW is right. All those schnitzles (jaeger, wiener, etc.) are all just country fried meat with various sauces.
Griff said:
BW is right. All those schnitzles (jaeger, wiener, etc.) are all just country fried meat with various sauces.

Kinda, Chicken fried steak would not normaly have a bread crumb last coat. It's usualy a flour only dredge dunk dredge. They been recipes nowdays using crushed corn flakes, crackers & other stuff.
One important thing is to always dredge in flour FIRST, This helps keep the mosture in the meat from making the crust soggy.

Sarge I need a clean hand to operate my camera.... Boy!
Ahhh ok..keeping a clean hand for the camera. Now that makes sense. You a smart feller. Think your right about the bread crumb deal. I been trying to convince the warden for years to do the flour dunk first but she just won't listen. Whut's a mother to do?

No no no. That applies only when you dunking with one hand and rolling with the other. It dont mean to keep one hand dry for the camera whilst getting the other totally gooey and gunky by dipping and dunking with the same hand. Thinking maybe the Boy gonna need to learn to attach the camera to his pizzle or something? :shock:

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