Hey folks, it's a great day for the Rib-O-Lator! Yes it is..

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Dec 7, 2009
Lynnwood, WA
After months of waiting for the ulitimate rotisserie ring that allows you to use the Rib-O-Lator on any 22.5" Kettle, Cajun Bandit, or the WSM, it's here!!! The ring fits one way on the Kettles and if you flip it over it fits the WSM. It is made of Stanless steel and fits like a glove. It's superior to the EZ-Que and Weber rings in every way.

On the 22.5" WSM:





Flip the ring over and it fits any 22.5" Kettle:



Combine the ring with the Kettle version of the Rib-O-Lator, a motor and spit rod, and get spinning today!
I just got off the phone with Chris Byrd of the C&C Grillin' Co. and he tells me the new ring should be posted on his site by Monday. He also informed me that the new ring does not fit the Cajun Bandit as I originally posted because of the bead design that makes a tighter fit with the 22.5" kettle lid. He says they might look into making a version that will fit the Cajun Bandit in the future. For now you will need to use either a Weber or EZ-Que rotisserie ring with the Cajun Bandit.
That's one fine lookin' setup for the Weber!
Got me thinking about a future additional
to the collection :roll: :D

Looks great... I want to see if the ring would fit on my UDS. I'd much rather buy a ring then have to fab up one from a donor drum.

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