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Oct 19, 2003
western new york
From Kitchen of Light by Andreas Viestad
Duck Stock - Melt 1T butter over med. heat, add 1 onion chopped and saute till soft. Add 2qts. water, 2# duck bones, coarsely chopped, 4 carrots chopped,1 cup chopped celeriac and 2 bay leaves - bring to boil, skim off foam, reduce heat and simmer 1hr15min. strain and refrig till ready to use
Duck Soup - Bring 6cups stock to boil over med. heat- stir in 2cups heavy cream and1/4cup sweet madeira or sweet sherry. Add 1 carrot finely chopped, 1/4 cup finely chopped fennel, 1/4 cup finely chopped leek white and pale green only, l# cooked duck chopped, reduce heat to med.lo and simmer 5 minutes
Add 1T finely chopped sage and 1/4 cup chopped sugar snap peas, season with sea salt and finely ground black pepper - pour into bowls and serve
Sounds rather tasty doesn't it?
Sounds absolutely AWESOME!! Thanks for the recipe. There are some great ingredients - this HAS to be good!
Yum! This sounds like the excuse I have been looking for to buy another bottle of madiera. I bought one before Christmas to use for my marinade and sauce for beef wellington. Although it was a one litre bottle, and I only needed a quarter, the rest mysteriously evaporated :roll: I am sure I only had one glass!!!! :oops:
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