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Aug 21, 2010
Bay Area California
I grew up poor from a disfunctional family and had to eat way too much chili with kidney beans and hamburger.
I can't stand to even look at that kind of chili anymore!
This is my Chili. It is not hot at all despite the chilis. My 2 year old loves it!

5-6 pounds chuck well trimmed and cubed to 3/4 inch
2-3 cups flour for dredging
1 fresh jalapeno
1 fresh yellow wax pepper
1 fresh anaheim pepper
1 fresh poblano pepper
4 yellow onions
4 tbs chopped garlic
half a bottle of wine.(you'll need the other half during cooking in a glass)
8 oz chicken or beef broth.

I use a kitchen torch to completly blacken the chilis one by one and put them in a paper bag to steep as they are done.I use a clean scratch pad and water to remove all of the skins off the chilis after they were in the bag for about 10 minutes.

Remove all seeds and ribs from chilis and fine dice to 1/8

fine dice onions to 1/4

season beef cubes and dredge in flour that has been seasoned.(salt,pepper,whatever)

brown beef cubes in oil (in batches) until well browned all sides and remove from oil. The key is to keep the temp just low enough not to burn the flour batch to batch.

drain all but 2 tbs oil and add the onions,chilis,garlic and sweat until well softened.

add about 1 tsp cumin.

place browned cubes back into pot and add wine and broth.

Turn to low and slow cook for at least 4 hours but 6 is more like it.(this is where the other half bottle of wine comes in)

The chilis,onions,garlic will make an unbeleivable gravy that really doesn't need much spices or doctoring up and needs very little salt to enhance.
Thanks for the recipe sounds fantastic. I too believe that real chili has no beans.
I assume you use red wine, any particular kind? I keep a decent Burgundy for cooking, but use only white for the cook. ;)

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