my moon cakes

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Sep 2, 2004
well my moon cakes didn't turn out that well they were hard as a busicuit- i might needa add more moisture to it. O yea there was some cracking and stuff. I don't think i should follow any recipies lol they never work out for me.

Any other advice to what i should do.
masterazn.. have you ever thought there could be a variance in your oven temperature compared to what was listed in the recipe you used?? Ovens vary greatly.. especially a difference between electric and gas ovens... that could have been the case.
I love moon cakes. Especially the yellow sugar with salted duck egg moon cakes. Yumm.
shall i say dry busicuits that are like hard and stale

hmmm let me think - i can't read chiense but here's wut my mom told me or wut my mom did to make them

1 g of baking soda
100g of rock sugar - melt it into liquid
50 g of vegetable oil
5 g of water
200 g of cake flour

mike all liquids together plus baking soda

add with cake flour

kneed into dough and then shape
let it sit for 15-20 minutes
then do filling stuff but thats premade

after formed and filled

heat in about 355°F had to convert it from °C for like 25 minutes
I am blond and live in Eugene oregon, sheltered life, what is a moon cake?

Can't tell from your description what went wrong. don't think I've ever had these, so don't know what they are supposed to look/taste like.

maybe I should just shut up.

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