New Henkles Santoku knife!

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Sous Chef
Aug 25, 2004
East End of Long Island
Hey all.........

I just got myself a very nice Henkles Santoku knife, a few board scrapers, a newer measuring cup, a couple of non-sticks and two sets of chopsticks. I love new stuff!

FYI......Not all Henkles are created equal........some are made in Brazil and Mexico from their steel, not forged from the one solid piece that makes Henkles such a quality tool. So to all you new purchasers of knives.......Check the want the ones that say Germany. More money? Yes, you bet. Hand it down to your kids??? That's what makes them the best!

Ohhhhh and don't let DH or DW or SO use them as screwdrivers!!!!:shock:
I didn't buy expensive knives at the moment, but expensive enough for me right now. I just picked it up TWO days ago, DH just picked it up and used it to cut the plastic off the poland spring's case. I YELLED AT HIM and told him never to touch MY knives again. LoL
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