New score for the bus !

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john pen

Master Chef
Jan 25, 2005
Western NY
Just scored a JennAir four burner gas stove top with a down draft exhaust and the grill attatchment for $25. The previous owner replaced it in their kitchen because mamma didn't like the downdraft. It looks brand new and I believe the grill attatchment was never used. It'll be converted to propane and mounted in the countertop in my bus. Is it wrong to have a nicer stove in your camper than in your home ???
I have a rotisserie set up for one. Got it when the appliance store I worked at went belly up. Brand new in the box. I'll never use it. I just couldn't stand to chuck it in the dumpster. Let me know. Price is right, FREE! Just pay for the shipping. Or swing by the house next time you head down to the cabin and pick it up.


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