Pringles Carnitas Taco & Street Taco Reviews....

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Nov 8, 2004
First off is the Carnitas Taco review...


I saw this flavor being sold at Wal-mart and picked up the package.

We have a pink and purple color tube here with English/Spanish words on it

I tried this item and we certainly did have a steak flavor here but the lime flavor and other flavors on the front of the tube were lacking.

Same Pringles crunch.

I liked the steak flavor.

A medium sized thumbs up.

Second is the Street Taco Review


Later on in the same week I was at a local grocery store and in a cardboard display for sale was this product and I picked this one up.

We get a a orange and brown color tube with just English words on it.

This one had the lime flavor the Carnitas Taco flavor fully lacked. It may some of had the other flavors on the front of the tube.

Taste here was not bad.

A medium sized thumbs up here.

I wonder if this was Pringles getting lazy here?

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