Rullepølse - Danish spiced meat roll

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Well all the recipe I have and all the rullepölse I have has a thick white band of pure lard, belly fat from a pig to make it moist and lovely. I hope get to buy rullepölsa on Saturday, I will take a picture in that case.
taxy just read this thread again - don't remember it much but perhaps I just wasn't ready to make something like that. 2011!
At any rate, have found it fascinating and would love to try it. Have made a note for it. On my Bucket List!
If I find a decent source of pork belly, I may just do this again. I doubt I will bother pressing it another time. That is basically to give it a rectangular shape and that really isn't necessary.
Today I learned that some people don't brine the rullepølse. They just cook it straight away, being careful not to boil it, just simmer it. Looked like it would work. I'll have to give that a try.

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