Trader Joe's Springle Jangle and These Sprinkles Cookies review....

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Nov 8, 2004

First up Springle Jangle

Springle Jangle features:
Spring-hued non-pareils
pink & yellow drizzled yogurt pretzels
dark & milk chocolate mini peanut butter cups

Which was most of the whole tin can for me and it also featured

pastel candy gems
butter toffee peanuts
Joe-Joe bark

Which was not much of the can for all for me.

All of the items were tasty. The Spring-hued non-pareils though were a hard bite item.

Would have liked more peanuts.

The candy gems was a nice M&M's knockoff.

The mini peanut butter cups were super tiny, but tasty.

In the end I give this a medium sized thumbs up

Onto These Sprinkles walk into a sandwich cookie product

This is also a new product at Trader Joes

This is a butter cookie filled with buttercream frosting & sprinkles.

A 6 ounce package had only 6 cookies in it.

The cookies were soft bite cookies for sure.

The cookie here certainly tasty. I just wanted more in one package...

I will certainly give this a big thumbs up and certainly liked it more than the Springle Jangle.
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