Trader Joe's Astouding Multi-flavor Mini Pretzels Review...

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Nov 8, 2004

Well this is a new limited time item from the company.

One box is 8 bucks and is ounces in size.

It comes with 4 flavors.

I opened up the box and see we have 4 separate nice look packages of pretzels it.

The first flavor I tried was the....

Peanut Butter Candy one, topped with crumbled Joe-Joe’s and tiny, colorful chocolate gems

At first I thought I was disappointed a bit as I did not see much chocolate gems. They somehow were mainly at the bottom of the bag.

The flavor here was good. Sure did have a peanut butter flavor.

The pretzels had a good bit to them.

A big thumbs up from me on this flavor.

The second flavor I tried was the....

Coffee Candy one that was topped with a dark chocolatey drizzle

I took a whiff after opening it up and it had coffee flavor for sure. Coffee is not something I really drink.

This one had the same solid pretzel bite as the first flavor as the first flavor I tried.

The coffee flavor was not too strong but it fully exists.

A big thumbs up if you like coffee.

Have not had the the other two flavors yet but worth a try.
The Third flavor I tried was the:
Dark Chocolate covered and topped with peppermint candy pieces

This one was not bad tasting. The peppermint pieces were not overpowering.

The overall flavor was really good.

A big thumbs up from me on this item.

The final flavor in the bag I tried was:
Milk Chocolate and topped with rainbow pareils

This one for me was the least impressive one of the bag

Still had good solid chocolate flavor here.

A medium sized thumbs up here for this flavor.

I would give this whole thing a big thumbs up.
I wonder if they still have these in stock? I don’t go to TJ’s often as it’s not in an area I frequent. I did make it over there last month and picked up a couple of those huge candy bars for stocking stuffers. The one with all the stuff in it is so good! Pretzels and salted caramel num num.
It is past Christmas so I say you are going to have to wait at least 9 months

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