What is on your to-buy list?

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Aug 24, 2004
da 'burgh
for food-
-eggs- they're $0.10!
-food coloring for the eggs
-some gifts for easter baskets for my brother's kiddos.
-ingredients for easter dessert- either chocolate cream pie, banana cream pie, or pineapple upsidedown.
-cereal- either (rice) krispies or kix
-drinks- GUS pop

other items-
-a pair of sneakers, pumas (thanks, mom!) :)
-glitter for the eggs
-easter baskets
just bought about $300 dollars worth of groceries. a long list of goodies or ingredients for goodies. a click of the mouse and i bought two more curtains for bedroom project.
Gee, I wish mine was so easy. I suspect that on my "to buy" list right now is a refridgerator. It isn't anything I want to buy. But I think mine is dying. Ouch!
a chinese steamer,chopsticks,truffles, cupcake accessories like gold balls,glitter etc.,a tiered cake stand and a fully functioning farm with cows ,pigs ,hens and the works lol
pressure cooker, sounds like would be good for me. smaller one though. i can't eat much at one time and really don't like leftovers.

some clothes for my new slimmer body, lost twenty pounds in hospital. 15 pounds excess water. diuretics to keep that off.
OK, $80 later, the appalling thought of having to buy a new fridge is no longer haunting my nights. (I live in a very old house and trying to fit a new fridge into the under-stair cubby hole where mine is ... well, thinking of it gives one nightmares).

So now? New walking shoes. All my shoes are walking shoes to a degree, but I mean for serious, exercise walking.

What do I need for a 2+ weeks road trip (question to myself; I've done this more times than I can count)? We'll be staying with friends quite often, in one case with a long-lost friend whose life-style I'm not familiar with at all. "Hostess" gifts. Husband decided on locally-made maple syrup in nice bottles. Good idea. But also bottles of wine. I already bought a half-dozen books (I usually read from the library) to while away the hours in the truck and insomniac nights. I've got a nice new outfit for any dress up occaisions, etc... Niece will soon have a new daughter, and I want to remember to bring family heirloom dolls I have. Etc, etc, etc as the king used to say.
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