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Originally Posted by Skittle68 View Post
In our restaurant, we do not make a point to let the steaks rest.
And why I wouldn't order steak at Red Lobster.
If you have to ask me to do the chef's job, then I don't need to eat steak at your establishment.
Just last night we had steak at a fine dining place here in Idyllwild. Not a word was mentioned or a question asked about doneness of the steak. And, yes, I know Red Lobster isn't a fine dining place, but they should still employ people who can properly cook meat. It ain't that hard, really.
Believe it or not, I go to Coco's for their meat. They cook it right every time. Seriously, it ain't hard. Now, veggies there are another issue. Yeesh.

¿Como como? Como como como.
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I think the restaurant should know their business, should know how to cook a steak, and should bring it when it's ready. They should respect that the customer knows his business too, how to eat a steak, and should just bring it and check back after a short period to see if the customer is satisfied. If the customer wants to cut into it or not that's up to the customer.

I don't order steak out very often because it's just too easy to cook at home and I'd rather order something I can't or won't cook for myself. However all through the years I've almost never been served a steak that wasn't exactly the medium rare that I order. IMO a restaurant that messes up cooking steaks isn't going to stay in business very long. It's easy to put on a bit more heat but they obviously have to throw it away if it's too well done. Either way the customer is annoyed with the wait, and isn't likely to return if dissatisfied.

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Originally Posted by FrankZ View Post
I think that is unfair. The Texas Roadhouses I have been to have used a much better quality of meat than Denny's or Golden Corral.
Different locations. The quality of meat doesn't excuse the inability to cook a steak properly to order!
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Old 03-02-2012, 07:47 PM   #34
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Man, all this steak talk's gotten me craving for some good red meat. I'm picking up a nice hunk of meat on my way home tonight. Good thread.
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Old 03-03-2012, 04:58 AM   #35
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Blue Rare Woman 100%

I am a Blue Rare Woman 100% when it comes to my steaks. I also love Steak Tartar.

*** How do you steak tartar ?

Good Post.
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Old 03-03-2012, 06:36 AM   #36
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Funny how we all think differently. I've never had anyone ask me to cut into my steak at a restaurant, and never thought about it. But, I'm with Margi on blue steaks (the first time I heard that description for very rare I cracked up)(It was a French waiter in Hawaii, if I asked for my steak blue around here they'd ... well, they already think I'm a little crazy, this would erase all doubt). I want it seared on the outside, warm through, and that's it. Anyway, I'd prefer the waiter ask than to have to return the steak. You can put an undercooked steak back on the grill, but you cannot uncook a too-well-done steak. SO I never bother to return a steak that for me is over-done. By the time I get my meal, the rest of the table is done. If it is a place I plan on returning, then I make my displeasure known to owner, manager, or maitre d' (I've finally lived somewhere long enough that I can actually wait and do this at a different time so I don't cast a pall on our dinner party). If I'm just passing through, I don't bother. A waiter asking me to cut into it might actually give the restaurant time to grill me another steak (or put someone whose might be under-done back on) before the entire table is finishing their meal.

I rarely do a good steak at home simply because the quality of the steaks is better at restaurants, and since I don't do them often at home, I'm worse at judging the steak's done-ness than any restaurant!

I can't see finding a waiter's "Is everything OK?" as an insult. It sure as heck beats having a person at the table wanting another drink and having to crane your neck to find your waiter. If I didn't want the attention of a waiter, I'd eat at home. I like eating out, and want that attention.

Now, this is with the understanding that I'm not talking $100+/plate restaurants where you have a waiter dedicated to your table or maybe one other, with no turnover, and all the chefs are that, high end. There's no place like that in the entire tri-state area (and, yes, I've been to them).

And, Margi, I LOVE steak tartare and carpacio.
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When I worked as a waitress, we were told to go back to the table after serving steak to confirm it was done to the degree of doneness requested. My idea of rare/medium rare may be different than another person's. When I do a roast, which I want on the bloody side of medium rare, I take it out when it registers rare on the meat thermometer. I cover it with foil and finish getting things ready. I do the same with steaks. If I must say so myself, I make a perfect medium rare roast and repeat that success when it comes to steaks. My DH, on the other hand, wants his to resemble shoe leather. Needless to say, he has to nuke his slices of roast and leave his steak on the grill.
I've got OCD--Obsessive Chicken Disorder!
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6 People, a 10" frying pan and 4 levels to cook to, I was good at it as a kid, learned to enjoy rare because by the time I finished the other 5 I was starving, would barely get my steak warm in the pan.

During my time in the college cafeteria, I was able to show the manager that he could cook steak to order for a crowd that big. (1500-2000 students in two hours)
“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” - Albert Einstein
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Originally Posted by CraigC View Post
Different locations. The quality of meat doesn't excuse the inability to cook a steak properly to order!
Yeah... So it is Denny's, Golden Coral, Texas Roadhouse and Ruth's Chris.. just a bunch of crap places to eat. All the same. Horrible..

I don't think there is a restaurant I have ordered steak at more than once that I haven't had to send it back for being overcooked.

The nice bit about that is, hey, I don't pay for the recooks.
"First you start with a pound of bologna..."
-My Grandmother on how to make ham salad.
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Originally Posted by 4meandthem View Post
Have you ever had a wagyu steak? (Marketed as American Kobe)
We have a steakhouse here that specializes in it. My nephew was the chef there for a while. A la carte the steak was 50+ bucks and side were about 12. They brought us 1 of everything including desserts to try. We only paid for the wine and steaks and the bill was still 300 bucks. I have only had those steaks twice but OMG they put everything else to shame so far.We couldn't eat for 2 days after that. The restaurant has a infrared oven they cook the steaks in that gets over 1000 degress if I remember. It cooks the steak in just a minute or two.

One of my top ten dining experiences.They get quite a few people who will eat them raw or just warmed.
We have a market around here that sells them... I have eyeballed em, but $50/lb is a tad steep. Though it is March... might be good for that special meal...

"First you start with a pound of bologna..."
-My Grandmother on how to make ham salad.
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