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This is getting good!

I believe that God gave us a wonderful variety of onions, as they are so greatly versatile in application...

"Green onion"...about the thickness of a pencil, sweet in flavour, great by themselves, with or without a touch of salt...a pleasure in any garden salad, sliced finely over perogies, chicken soup, baked potato, the year's first "mashed potato", widely adaptable to any number of purposes...

"Leeks" or "White Bulb Onion" (usually sold, here, with the greens still attached), as per green onion in soups, stews featuring chicken or pork, a raw slice to add to a burger or sandwich, where the "heavier" more sulpher tasting ones "over-do it"...near capable to be eaten on their own, but requires an evolved taste and breath mints, on occaision...

"Red Onion"...the "heart" of a good Caesar Salad, much appreciated "ringed" on burgers, in a pinch, finely sliced and diced in the tuna salad, can add greatly in Greek and Garden salad, "slightly disappointing" when cooked (but maybe I'm just doing that wrong?)

Vidalia Onions are a special treat, when you see them, buy extras! They are not always available, even at the best connected stores up here! Sprayed with EVOO, doused in Hy's Seasoning and baked, grilled or roasted...fantastic! Strangely edible raw, and can get onto the burger in raw form with no complaints...A tad strong for a salad, but it depends on the other ingredients...a disappointment when used in a stew or pasta sauce (IMOO!)

"Yellow" onions, including what passes for Bermudans up here (a varietal that we have a tough time getting!), and, generically, "Spanish Onions"...it often takes an epicure to tell the one from the other in our markets, unless you can go to St Lawrence's in TO or Jackson's Farmer's Market here in Hamilton...strong flavours, heavy sulpher, relatively high acidic flavours assist much in carmelised versions, diced onions in burgers, ringed or diced in pasta sauce, the best choice for stuffings, dare I suggest "Haggis" recipe's, grinding in with meats, as suggested by a rather brilliant writer on the Cabbage Roll thread, stews, of course, in a pinch quartered and barbecued with EVOO and seasoning to accompany steaks...

Scallions...relatively tiny, purplish, dry skinned mini-onions, that are the first choice of packing into the Phyllo Pastry with minced mushrooms etc, and a seared pork tenderloin pice, the first choice to be micro-diced into the tuna salad, and other such "tasks" where their unique combination of flavours and texture promote them to "#1" pick...

Funny, I don't think I've disagreed with anyone that's posted to this thread, but what a valued vegetable in the kitchen arsenal for almost any recipe involving meat and veggies!

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