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sunday special- multiple choice

sunday special- multiple choice

"Neither a borrower nor a lender be..."

1. the national debt of the USA is more than
a. $80 billion
b. 800 billion
c. $8 trillion
d. $8 quadrillion.
2. divided by the total number of americans, that amounts to how much per person?
a. between $5 and $10 thousand
b. between $25 and $40 thousand
c. between $40 and $45 thousand
3. what percentage of americans carry a running balance on their credit cards?
a. 72.1%
b. 63.7%
c. 55.6%
d. 46.2%
e. 34.6%
4. of those who DO carry a running balance, what was the mean (average) balance carried in 2005?
a. between $5500 and $6000
b. between $5000 and $5500
c. between $4500 and $5000
d. between $4000 and $4500
5. only one president to date has died in debt........
was it
a. washington
b. garfield
c. lincoln
d. jefferson
6. a trillion dollars, in brand new $1000 bills, would make a stack................
a. over seventy inches high
b. over seventy feet high
c. over seven miles high
d. over seventy miles high
the USA has the world's highest per-capita income.
.1. -c
2. -b
3. -c
4. -b
5. -d
6. -d (anybody able to do the math? this seems a little over the top-LT)

according to the 2004 figures published by the world bank, the USA actually ranks third, with an average per capita income of $35,400 per year, number one is norway, at $38,700, and number two is switzerland, at $36,170.
the three at the bottom are burundi, republic of the congo, and Ethiopia, where the average per capita income is roughly $100 per year.

“Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper.” – Adelle Davis
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