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Trivia 12/30

trivia 12/30
Mars' red color is due to iron oxide, also known as rust, and has the
consistency of talcum powder. Literally, the metallic rocks on Mars are
rusting .

1. What does a Stomatologist study ?
a. - Intestines
b. - Stomach
c. - Esophagus
d. - Mouth
2. What are the first names of the singing duo Hall and Oates?
3. We all know where New Zealand is, but where is the 'Old' Zealand ?
4. Four of the Fifty border on Kansas ; name them ...
5. To which of the Fifty must I Travel to visit the campus of Rice
university ?
a. - Arizona
b. - Texas
c. - Oklahoma
d. - Missouri
6. Strange words are These :
The scientists call it polytetrafluoroethylene. What do everyday folks call
this wonder material?
(Hint ; You'll find it in most modern kitchens)
7. Which of the following terms would the nurse use to document pain at one
site that is perceived in another site?
a. - Phantom pain
b. - Referred pain
c. - Intractable pain
d. - Traveling pain
8. What constellation is sometimes referred to as 'the archer'?

Most hummingbird feeders are colored red. That's because hummingbirds see
that color best.
1. - d
2. Daryl and John
3. the Netherlands
4. Colorado, Nebraska, Missouri and Oklahoma
5. - b
6. Teflon
7. - b
8. Sagittarius

The hummingbirds’ sense of color is due to the dense concentration of cones
in its retina. The cones themselves contain pigments and oil droplets in
shades of yellow to red, which seem to act like filters. The filters appear
to heighten color sensitivity in the red to yellow range, while muting
colors such as blue.

But it turns out that it’s the nectar, not the color that makes the most
difference with hummingbirds. By varying the nectar content of flowers,
researchers were quickly able to switch hummers from a preference for red to
a preference for the most nectar-rich flowers, regardless of color. So even
though hummingbirds’ eyes have a heightened sensitivity to colors in the red
to yellow range, the little sprites are fast learners and will go to where
the nourishment is.

“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”
― Mahatma Gandhi
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