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Trivia 2/8

trivia 2/8
Ocean-dwelling species are disappearing twice as quickly as land animals.

1. What do you call those ridges put across the fingerboards of such
instruments as guitars and ukuleles?
2. Strange Words are these ; VIVIPAROUS ..
a. - Bears live young
b. - Cold blooded
c. - Lays eggs
d. - Warm blooded
3. George Carlin did a skit about a list of dirty words that you couldn't
say on T.V. and Radio. How many words are there?
4. Who owns the brands Barq's, Minute Maid, Dasani, Fanta, and Sprit ?
5. Which animal kills the most humans every year?
6. How many Canadian provinces and/or territories border the Atlantic Ocean?
a. - 2
b. - 4
c. - 6
d. - 8
7. If an animal is 'Diurnal' , it is most active .....
a. - in the Daytime Hours
b. - in the Nighttime Hours
c. - in Both of these
d. - Diurnal has nothing to do with hours of activity
8. Which of these American cities is named after a British Prime Minister?
a. - Cleveland
b. - Pittsburgh
c. - Birmingham
d. - Portland

The name of the group “The Bee-Gees”, is an acronym for “The Brothers Gibb”.
1. Frets
2. - a
3. - 7
4. Coca-Cola
5. Mosquito
6. - c
7. - a
8. - b

The Bee-Gees were officially founded as a group in 1959. Bill Gates, a
disc-jockey and Bill Goode, a racetrack promoter, provided the name Bee-Gees
for the group of young brothers that had previously been known as "The
Rattlesnakes" and as "Wee Johnny Hayes & the Bluecats". The story goes that
Bill Gates renamed them the "Bee Gees" after his and Bill Goode's initials;
and not as an acronym for the "Brothers Gibb", as many people have believed.
After migrating to Queensland Australia from Manchester, England, the three
oldest Gibb brothers continued pursuing a singing career that they had begun
in the early 1950s. As their career progressed, they seemed to be intent on
constantly reinventing themselves and their sound, providing the impetus
that propelled them to stardom during the disco era and beyond. Theirs was a
family just chock full of singers! At one time, their sister, Lesley, had
sang with them when Robin had temporarily left the group, and their younger
brother, Andy, had hits of his own in the mid-1970s.

“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”
― Mahatma Gandhi
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