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Trivia 9/17

trivia 9/17
All Henry's wives had a motto: Katherine of Aragon - Humble and Loyal
Anne Boleyn - The Most Happy
Jane Seymour - Bound to Obey and Serve
Anne of Cleves - God send me well to keep
Catherine Howard - No other Will than His
Katherine Parr - To be Useful in all that I do

1. Militarily speaking, what do the initials W.A.A.F. stand for?
2. What do mushrooms form which will grow into new mushrooms?
3. What is the ideal temperature for a baby's bottle
4. What is the chemical symbol for Lead?
a. - Ld
b. - Pb
c. - Le
d. - Pl
5. We'd all like to lay our hands on some gold. Where could you find up to a
gram of gold in your home?
6. A water polo team consists of how many members in the pool at one time?
a. - 5
b. - 6
c. - 7
d. - 8
7. What 'Logo' adorned each side of the tail of the Hindenburg when it burst
into flames?
8. Strange Words are These ;
Cotyledon is a very interesting word. At least it might be if you were which
of the following?
a. - Paleontologist
b. - Botanist
c. - Lepidopterist
d. - Herpetologist

The proper name for the Phillips Screwdriver is ‘Torx” Screwdriver.
1. Women's Auxiliary Air Force
2. Spores
3. 98.6 degrees
4. - b
5. In Your Computer
6. - c
7. Swastikas
8. - b

The Torx bit or screw has a six-pointed star indentation on its head, rather
than the flat-, bladed- or cross-shaped slot of standard or "Phillips" screw
fasteners, resulting in lower slippage and precision torquing of the driving

“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”
― Mahatma Gandhi
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