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kleenex 09-20-2021 04:12 PM

Lays Red BayBerry And Sweet Chestnut Potato Chips Review....

Back to the big asian food store for these two interesting flavors of potato chips.

The bags say product of china.

First I tried the Red Bayberry flavor

The bag is pink / red in color. The bag in the middle of the image.

All the chips had some flecks of color on them.

I never had a Bayberry before so I did not know what I getting myself into here.

The chip s did have a nice crunch.

This potato chip was fruit flavored for sure. Something like a strawberry or cherry flavor here.

I had to say that I liked the flavor of this chip.

A big thumbs up from me.

The second flavor I tried was the Sweet Chestnut flavor

This bag is blue in color and is the one at the bottom of the image.

Well this flavor also had some fleck of color just like the first chip. Like the same color as the first chip.

This flavor had something going on for sure. At first I thought I was eating the first flavor I had.

I just did not like this flavor of chip as must as the first one.

Still a nice crunch.

A medium sized thumbs up from me.

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