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I just took six boned out butts that averaged six pounds each off my 22 WSM a half hour ago. I'll post pics later. I could have fit four on each shelf, but I need ten butts cooked so put four in the small WSM. This left three butts on each shelf of the 22. For some reason the small one was cooking slower so after I emptied the 22 WSM, I moved the four butts to the top shelf of the 22. Here's a pic.
Nice! Thanks Griff. Could you cook 6 on one shelf if you stood them side by side? Im startin to think about getting one just to hold me over for a couple a bigger cooks I might have this summer. (Still savin for the offset). Thanks.
John A. said:
Sounds like a hell of a party at Griff's coming up. :P

He's doin' a wedding for his nephew/ maybe neice, cant remember...(shocker, thats the story of my life...cant member? haha)

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