Basic Lemonade

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Jun 3, 2004
Basic Leomonade

You will need the following

bag of lemons-
a gallon of water
a cup of sugar or what I like honey,you can substitute a sugar substitute like splenda also

1.Cut your lemons in half and squeeze out the juice into a pitcher. you will have to experment how tart you like your lemonade
Add the water and mix
Add sugar and adjust for your preference in sweetness.

If you want to be fancy add a mint leave on top of the drinks when serving
If you use honey, does it mix well with cold water? And with honey, do you use part sugar and part honey, or all honey?

BlueCat said:
If you use honey, does it mix well with cold water?
"Everthing I learned about cooking I learned in 6th grade" :) (I'll begin a new topic one of these with it and I can go over a bunch of very basic science principles that we forget as adults)

That's how I always begin the beginners cooking classes at school.

Remeber in 6th grade, we learned something: "oil and water don't mix".

Water and crystals don't mix well either. So when mixing like things with unlike things, try to get them both closer to "like" things. Imagine watching the guy mixing cement. He makes a little mix with water and "dry" stuff before incorporating it all together.

Sugar crystals (and honey) would be the same. You'll be trying to mix for a while to get it incorporated.
Make a simple syrup mixture with sugar+h2o or honey+h20. Whatever floats your boat and then add that to the juice.
Well, I didn't think it would mix well with cold water, therefore the question. I thought maybe they had a trick I didn't know about. I do, however, know about simple syrups.

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I got a recipe from an old Gullah woman in Charleston who gets the water hot first then pours it over the lemons and sugar. After the mixture sits to cool she squeezes the lemons and disgards them. It was great.
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